CovetED 18th Issue: Fall And Winter Colours 2021

CovetED 18th Issue: Fall And Winter Colours 2021

November 4, 2020

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Every year we see a change in the way we design our spaces and new colour trends come forward. This year with harsh changes in habits we saw a shift in our priorities that made us stay more time at home.  Since the on-going pandemic gives no signs of actually going away we feel the need to invest more in creating a beautiful environment for the place we still spend more time at, our home.  These changes in society are reflected in the new colour trends for 2021. Urging for some sense of warmth and brighter days, we can observe a lot of soft nudes but also happy brighter colours. In CovetED 18th Issue, you can get to know all the winter colours and trends in an incredible magazine where the main theme is Work From Home.




2021 colour themes will be searching for all things calm, relaxing, comfortable, sustainable and soulful, for sure contrasting with the situation we are living in the outside world. 




What makes us human is the urge to feel and live more and, with that in mind, brands started to create a new colour palette for 2021. 




CovetED 18th Issue: Fall And Winter Colours 2021


When trying to create an intimate and welcoming feeling, neutrals make a perfect choice since they don’t oversaturate a space and complement other colours very well.  Introducing neutral tones can provide a more peaceful setting to help with concentration and creativity since our homes now are also our workplaces. You can play with this palette either as a soft background overshadowing it with strong colours or by itself making them be the overall hue. To give a zen character to your interiors don’t rely only on colours, utilize earthy textures like timber and feature materials that are sourced sustainably.


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CovetED 18th Issue: Fall And Winter Colours 2021


If having a bold, exuberant and saturated space is what you want, the modern 80s palette has just the perfect hues. To create a bright and playful space that brings a happy vibe to your home, this is the perfect mix of colours. This colour palette lets you embrace the new normal and use bolder tones that will lift your mood and your interiors. You can use these colours with the certainty that whatever space you are renewing, it will brighten and uplift your days, make you feel more energised and with a more optimistic view on life.  





The use of rich, evocative colours will allow you to mimic the natural world and build an organic space that helps you regulate your mood. Choose deep hues if your goal is to nurture your home. Achieve contrasting feelings going for a luxury bolder look or a soothing organic feeling. This colour palette is particularly important in 2021 because it will help you feel outside and part of nature inside your home. 





CovetED 18th Issue: Fall And Winter Colours 2021


This colour palette feels sophisticated, creating an atmosphere that is effortlessly luxurious and serene. It is perfect to create a clear space where you can renew ideas and plan for the future. A minimalistic palette does not simply mean the use of light and soft colours. You can incorporate a mix of black and deep blues, as long as they have a precise position in the space. It’s a powerful charming colour scheme that brings a sense of confidence and ambition to your space. 


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