Most coveted hospitality projects in the world

Most coveted hospitality projects in the world

April 27, 2015

Covet Edition is always searching for the best interior design projects and this time we present you the most coveted hospitality projects in the world! Places that are full of charm and vibrant details. Know also the professional behind these top hospitality projects.

Most coveted hospitality projects in the world_afrodite krassa dishoom bombay cafe

Afrodite Krassa – Dishoom Bombay Cafe

Born in London (Oct 1974), Afroditi was raised in the region of Mt Olympus, Greece. As a child, she dreamed of “owning the oceans” and building shipping yards. However, as a teenager, she realised that her passion for drawing, inventing and making things has got a name (design) and that it is an actual job.


6º Architects – The Auction Rooms Café

The founding principle of Six Degrees is to address human needs through the built form. Alive to the social and cultural aspects of place, we design functional, aesthetic and sustainable environments that are commercially smart. This approach has made Six Degrees a specialist in creating high-use places that vary in both application and scale, and that are consummate performers.

Most coveted hospitality projects in the world_adam tihany celebrity solstice

Adam Tihany – Celebrity Solstice

Adam D. Tihany is widely regarded as one of the world’s preeminent hospitality designers and an early pioneer of the restaurant design profession. He was one of the first designers to callaborate with celebrity chefs creating signature restaurants. His work in the hospitality field can be experienced at many luxury hotels.

Most coveted hospitality projects in the world_albano Daminato cork cellar

Albano Daminato – Cork Cellar

After a decade and a half as an associate designer with some of the most prestigious design and architectural studios in Australia and Asia, creative director Albano Daminato established Studio Daminato in 2001.The Studio’s holistic approach to design also means that a project is fully managed from the overall design concept stage through to the detailing and design of bespoke furniture, light fittings, textiles and objects. For that reason, we are able to form a close working relationship with every one of our clients. The results are meticulously crafted environments and products that are unique to each client and location.

Most coveted hospitality projects in the world_alexandra champalimaud crush bar

Alexandra Champalimaud – Crush Bar

Good design begins with an exceptional story. The New York-based studio is dedicated to expressing the individual character of each space through extraordinary design. The designers possess a rich understanding of all aspects of a project, from strategic planning through expert craftsmanship and elegant styling, that enable the creation of bespoke luxury environments.  Champalimaud’s imaginative and forward thinking design teams are leading successful award-winning projects around the globe.

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