Go Back To Nature In Your Modern Living Room

Go Back To Nature In Your Modern Living Room

November 18, 2019

Coveted Issuu

Behr Paint announced its 2020 Color of the year. Back to Nature and all colors and textures related to Nature are being seen as the most powerful trends in fashion and interior decoration. One one side, Nature, and the Planet,  requires everyone’s attention and care to reduce the human’s impact on the environment. And because of that, sustainability is on the agenda of every political debate, every public discussion, and that includes fashion and interior design. On the other hand, people live their lives in a very fast pace and with lots of tension and pressure. And where do people go to rescharge batteries? They go to parks and surround themselves with greenery and the natural elements, that are so good to clear minds and relax. For one reason or the other, or both, it’s a hot trend to bring Nature, biophilia and the outdoors inside. You can either bring plants indoor, paint with Nature colors or even use sustainable products in your furnishing. So, CovetED Magazine picked a few wonderful suggestions to go Back to Nature in your modern living room.


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According to the premium paints brand, BEHR Paint, The 2020 Color of the Year is Back to Nature. Nature is calm, gracious, balanced. You have all this outdoors. And this is how you can bring it into your modern living room.


Luxury Tapestry


The key piece of a living room is definitely the sofa. So let’s start with this furnishing piece. Powel Sofa from Brabbu features an exquisite design. With a channel-tufted back, this fabric sofa features cotton velvet upholstery and a base in glossy black lacquer with aged brass details. It will help bring Nature colors into your living room. And more, it will add some mistery and beauty into the room.


Go Back To Nature In Your Modern Living Room 2


By the sofa and if you have spare room, you can add one or two armchairs to add extra comfort to the living room, such as Elk armchair from Brabbu. Upholstered in cotton velvet and with a base in glossy aged brass and black glossy lacquered, this curved back armchair will add a refined elegance to any modern living room set.


Go Back To Nature In Your Modern Living Room 3


At last, we suggest you a rug. A rug is the detail you add to any room, especially to a living room to make it warmer and cosier, that brings all pieces, all styles and all colors together. Macushi Rug from Brabbu, made with wool and featuring delicate flower patterns and sand hues, will be perfect to decorate any modern and contemporary living room decor.

Go Back To Nature In Your Modern Living Room 4


At last, the funniest detail and which you can use to renew your living room easily and very often is pillows. Lots of pillows. You can play with textures, colours and styles.


Go Back To Nature In Your Modern Living Room 4



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