Interior Designers Have Spoken – These Are The 10 Best Contract Projects of The Year!

Interior Designers Have Spoken – These Are The 10 Best Contract Projects of The Year!

October 21, 2021

Interior Designers Have Spoken – These Are The 10 Best Contract Projects of The Year!


Interior Designers Have Spoken – These Are The 10 Best Contract Projects of The Year! Aside from featuring jaw-dropping residential design projects, we also feature many other projects types, including retail design, hospitality design, and, of course, commercial and corporate designContract projects are more than just simple ambiences: they are experiences. From modern design to mid-century style, from Scandinavian to art déco style, we listed the top 10 best contract projects of the year. Grab your notebook to write down a few ideas and what you’ll need to shop from this upcoming year!


The Hanging Gardens of Berthelot Restaurant at Bucharest, Romania



This idea has health, environmental, and economic benefits, and although its name was coined in recent history, indicators of biophilic design have been seen in architecture from as far back as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


Pastorius Wall Lamp | DelightFULL



Diana Wall Lamp | DelightFULL


The appearance of the natural world, with its rich diversity of shapes, colours, and life, is universally appreciated and brings you several benefits, such as:

– Reduces stress levels
– Increases productivity
– Reduces sick days
– Makes workplaces more attractive
– Reduces pollution and cleans the air by reducing noise levels
– Boosts creativity levels



Dl André cocktail Bar Project at Paris, France


Brubeck Wall Lamp | DelightFULL


Located in the art of the Quartier Latin, near the Luxembourg Gardens and the Pantheon, the Hotel André Latin is placed in the 5thArrondissement of Paris, one of the oldest districts of the city.



The owners, Fabien and Guillaume Sodano reinvented the hotel influenced by the iconic era, adding a modern twist and a very friendly and welcoming environment. Also, the brothers wanted the hotel to be full of elegance and authenticity.




 Idol Hotel at Paris, France


Botti Floor Lamp | DelightFULL


Composed by Yann Gasparini, Jazz, Soul and Funk music lover, painted by Julie Gauthron, the funkiest decorator in the Parisian hotel industry, renovated by Elegancia Hotels as well as AD-Tango, and cleverly set to music by Parisian Dj and record dealer François Mazza, the Idol Hotel is a joyful hymn to Black Music from the 60’s to the ’80s. DelightFULL comes in to give a more ‘funky’ look to it- and it totally worked!


Coltrane II Wall Lamp | DelightFULL & Botti Suspension Lamp | DelightFULL


Hotel André Latin at Paris, France


Galliano Wall Lamp | DelightFULL


The majestic André Latin hotel is located in the heart of the «Quartier Latin» close to the Luxembourg Gardens and the Pantheon, in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris, which is one of the oldest districts in the capital with its typical streets and universities. The location made the combination with DelightFULL’s mid-century designs absolutely perfect!



Masquespacio’s Restaurant Project



The final result of the partnership between Masquespacio and mid-century brand Essential Home is a unique collection, just like in the movies, called “Hollywood Glamour”: A unique mid-century modern collection inspired by three of the most popular movie styles in that era, from passionate love affairs to fun burlesque environments. The idea is to connect the past and the present by reviving the bright side of old Hollywood glam.



Prizeotel Rostock by Karim Rashid in Germany


Karim Rashid needs no introduction. The New York-based interior designer has been making waves in the design field, and today we’ll explore some of his jaw-dropping works. Considered one of the most prolific designers of his generation, Karim Rashid has a unique futuristic design style signature that can be recognized immediately. “Over 4000 designs in production, over 300 awards and working in over 40 countries attest to Karim’s legend of design.”.



Although many designers take great pleasure in drawing on the past, it is the designers that reach into the future that is creating the next generation of style. Futuristic interior design relies heavily on home architecture. Rounded doorways, walls, asymmetric angles should be planned before the construction.



Maredo in Germany


Coltrane Suspension Lamp | DelightFULL


The best quality of meat – individually cut and perfectly grilled – is brought to your table and accompanied by crunchy fresh side dishes and aromatic dips and sauces. This is a place where these two lamps- Coltrane Wall and Suspension– fit perfectly.


Sir Nikolai in Hamburg, Germany


Turner Floor Lamp | DelightFULL


A beautiful art déco ambience enlightened by DelightFULL’s classic Turner Floor Lamp. This dynamic lamp has five movable arcs and you’re able to have a different lamp every single day. A great lighting choice to provide a one-of-a-kind experience in a contract design project.


Kiton Store in Munich, Germany


Brubeck Round Chandelier | DelightFULL


A luxury store deserves a luxury selection of furniture and lighting pieces. Brubeck round chandelier was the best-personalized option for this fashion store located in the well-known city of Munich.



Norvik Bank at Riga, Latvia


Coltrane Suspension Lamp | DelightFULL & Sinatra Floor Lamp | DelightFULL


This project involved many lighting designs, such as Botti Suspension, Miles FloorColtrane Suspension and Wall and Sinatra Floor. When these lamps were put together, everything made sense.