Christmas Decoration: Tips & Inspirations

Christmas Decoration: Tips & Inspirations

December 20, 2021

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The changing of seasons always brings a lot of modifications in life. The brown leaves fall and give place to the snow, that accumulates in the tree branches. The color palettes modify and the coziness becomes the ally for the winter season, with all the cold colors that stand out in daily life. While wreaths, stockings, and your standard well-appointed pine tree are all in style this time of year, home decorations may always need a refresh. (After all, nothing ruins your look like little Santas or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer everywhere.) To be sure, Christmas decorations may feel a touch confining, as if deviating from a red-and-green color scheme could put you on Santa’s bad list. However, it turns out that Christmas decor has virtually limitless design potential—you only need to be a bit inventive.



Christmas is the time to put it all on display, from the warm hues of gold to the elegant accents of black and grey, and never losing sight of textures with soft wools and leathers. It is the best time of the year to have the best interior design to welcome the whole family and share the warmth of a good fireplace while we wait for the presents to be opened.



Gold is a wonderful color, a powerful detail that is often used in small doses, however, it can be used as the main color for a room if all other shades are based and contrasted with it. It’s also a trend for velvety furniture, as shown by the beautiful Stola Dining chair, it looks sleek and timeless in a luxurious living room especially when teamed with the amazing Hera Suspension, which combines in harmony both with the Christmas decorations with a deep moss green in the velvet, matching the candle dinner set, while the other golden touches match the simple ornamented Christmas tree, but still in a very opulent way. We can almost imagine a VIP dinner party, with the top names in the movie or music industry getting together around the amazing Luxxu’s Apotheosis Dining Table. Again, the play on elements elevates this room to another level, contrasting organic shapes and earthly tones to the contemporary shapes of the furniture and architecture.




An open space area filled with warm and soothing upholstery and tones. The living room was carefully put together with one clear goal: comfort. The perfect setting for a Christmas party or to feel the coziness with your children and family in a holiday season decorated living room, still in neutral, cream tones. The red decorations give it the classic Christmas pop, while the contemporary hues transcend this design to a luxury level. Spacing and the overall setting of the furniture and decoration were designed to provide a calm aesthetic, without any of the pieces overpowering each other, mastering the perfect balance between design and functionality. A subtle neutral palette to provide the most nurturing ambiance. Using mostly pieces from Caffe Latte, one of the brands from Covet House, as the custom-made Aroma Console, and the light Emperor Marble Robusta center table to give a pop to the aesthetic. The Fitzgerald modular sofa from Essential Home and complement the simplicity of the Coltrane suspension from Delightfull, while the Essex Armchair from Brabbu is the ultimate comfort experience.



They say that Christmas is a magical time, full of wonders and light, and it may indeed be so. For designers and stylists, part of its magic line is the beautiful richness of its tactile impact, in the exquisite delight that the holiday brings to the senses – the smells and tastes, colors and lights, memories and expectations. This modern classic living room inspiration brings all of these to life. A simple Christmas decoration for a cozier dining room, this set is full of details from the furniture and lighting pieces. The ambiance shows how comfortable and inviting darker ambiances can be, and these earthly colors are very nice to be used in smaller areas. Resembling the Star on the top of the Christmas tree, in this setting the Dorsey Suspension by Delightfull shines the room with Christmas spirit, a delicate lighting piece that allies the best of ancient techniques with modern expertise of high craftsmanship. The softness of the velvet in the Soleil Chair from Boca do Lobo is only matched by the soothing texture of the Metamorphosis Rug by Rug’Society. The right set for a cozier, personal Christmas dinner party.




For those who look for a lavish taste, this living room is a perfect choice. A clear modern classic vibe by the architecture of the spaces, where all you need to bring to the table is happiness, an open heart, and someone to share these uplifting feelings with. From monochromatic Christmas decor to a vividly colored Christmas tree, this ambiance offers and covers a wide array of possibilities for you to take into account this holiday season. Modern classic Christmas decor in white and grey guarantees the Christmas tree gets all the attention. Imagine a home decorated with graceful details enhancing the power of Christmas home decor. Velvety textures add depth and warmth, balancing the austere color palette so the green Christmas tree looks vivid and everlasting, and also the details on Boca do Lobo’s Imperfectio Sofa get to pop as well. Gold and candlelight complete the luxurious scene, making every moment count even more than before.


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