MEMMO Príncipe Real: a hotel in Lisbon’s most sophisticated neighborhood

MEMMO Príncipe Real: a hotel in Lisbon’s most sophisticated neighborhood

January 19, 2022
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Príncipe Real is without a doubt Lisbon’s most aristocratic and sophisticated neighborhood. It is in this district that the contrast between the historical side of the city, with its old structures and antiquities, and the modern Lisbon, teeming with modern stores and trendy restaurants, is most visible.



The hotel integrates into the scene effortlessly, in perfect harmony with the past and present, towering tall in a fortunate location. The hotel is accessed via a short street and a little tunnel that leads to a secret tourist area with stunning views of the city. That square is connected to the suspended structure. This consistency is achieved by the limestone flooring that is present both outside and within the hotel. Limestone is a premium stone that has been utilized for centuries in the construction of historical structures, royal palaces, and prominent squares across the city of Lisbon.




Inside the hotel, the entry is guarded by the royal prince D. Pedro V himself, who is shown in a large oil painting by the artist Barahona Possollo that contrasts with the hotel’s timeless and contemporary architectural design. Exclusive items developed by the architect coexist with other classic vintage furniture, which, along with magnificent and modern paintings by Miguel Branco and a particular piece by Iva Viana, contribute to the hotel’s special and unique interior design. Samuel Torres de Carvalho is a Portuguese architect born in Madrid. He made his studies in Madrid at the E.T.S. (Madrid’s architecture school) and currently teaches at the Escola Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid. Several hotel projects both in Portugal and Spain. With Memmo Hotels he was responsible for the project of memmo Baleeira Hotel (2007) and memmo Alfama Hotel (2013). The design and decoration of the hotel was developed by memmo Design Team coordinated by João Corrêa Nunes and Samuel Torres de Carvalho.



With a total of 41rooms, this magnificent hotel has a complete and deluxe service, Café Principe Real is located in a central, stylish, and comfortable area of the hotel with a beautiful terrace overlooking the pool and the city. Throughout the day & night, it assumes different forms and services: breakfast in the morning exclusively for guests, light meals and snacks during the afternoon, restaurant for lunch and dinner with the special plus of signature cocktail bar in the evenings. A wonderful and luxurious experience that CovetED had the pleasure to discover. Furthermore, the Hotel’s relationship with its guests contributes to the essence of the Hotel as well as its connection with its employees, some of whom have worked at the Hotel for over thirty years. The second part of the Hotel’s motto, ‘the palace of tomorrow’, looks to the future and considers how best to integrate the iconic palace into the modern world without betraying the heritage of the property. The challenge here was to subtly enhance the Hotel’s homely atmosphere for our current guests whilst considering a style that would appeal to the following generations.





Internationally acclaimed interior designer Bruno Moinard has been chosen by the Hotel to design the lobby, La Galerie, La Cour Jardin, the Salon Organza and the new ballroom named the Salon Haute Couture. In order to create a spectacular yet discreet atmosphere, without changing the Hotel’s concept, Bruno Moinard has placed emphasis on a subtle silver color scheme complementing the existing features of the Hotel highlighted by light effects, be they natural or electric. “Today, luxury is found in detail, in the seam, the lining, in what remains unseen, in surprises. Not in extravagance or overtly opulent decor.” Bruno Moinard. When entering the lobby, guests will be instantly immersed by Haute Couture. Floral displays add to the welcoming atmosphere and are changed every week. Bronze, marble, and brushed oak furnishings have been designed, along with wood paneling on the walls. The beautifully designed mosaic floor is adorned with a rug inspired by a crystalline motif, which echoes the large chandelier.



Created in 1936, Le Relais Plaza is a chic brasserie that has become one of the capital’s go-to destinations over the years. Under the direction of Bruno Moinard, Le Relais Plaza’s refurbishment in 2014 predominantly consisted of redecorating a few elements of the restaurant. Particular attention was paid to detail, such as the lampshade crafted in folds of fibrous plaster, as well as the furnishings and the newly extended bar area. Following the arrival of Chef Jean Imbert in September 2021, as director of all kitchens, the Relais Plaza is for him the first project that he reveals at the Plaza Athénée.


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