Luxury Hotels | The Ivens, Autograph Collection Lisbon

Luxury Hotels | The Ivens, Autograph Collection Lisbon

March 14, 2023

The Ivens Hotel is at the crossroads between two streets named after two men who criss-crossed the world: Roberto Ivens and Hermenegildo Capelo. They departed Lisbon on several occasions to discover the great lakes of Zaire and the Zambeze, to explore the interior of Southern Africa and to reach the Laca lands in Mozambique. For over a year, they risked their lives along unexplored trails and once spent 42 days lost in the jungle, bringing back drawings, sketches, charts, plants, rocks, fossils and unknown animals. In total, they travelled over 8,500 kilometres. Follow in their footsteps.



Designed to welcome explorers from all around the world, the hotel reveals itself in its finer points and smaller details, which come though in the decor, architecture, authenticity and quality of service, and in the comfort of the rooms and common areas. The lobby is as much a place of arrival and relaxation as a place of departure and discovery. The restaurant, which has a unique and innovative concept for the city, is a break from the watering hole. The Ivens Hotel also has private parking, a fully equipped gym and a meeting room.





The Ivens is a place of various ambiances adapted to different contexts. While a maximalist philosophy applies in the common areas and restaurants, the rooms, designed by Cristina Matos, are models of tranquillity and purity that provide guests with the rest they deserve. The designer chose subtle tones – such as beiges, whites and greens – with notes of colour in the wallpaper and carpets, all of which allude to fauna and flora. Classical and sophisticated black-and-white flooring predominates in the bathrooms in the standard rooms, while marble is used in the suites.





The walls of the corridors are painted petroleum blue and decorated with period photographs and documents. The floor is covered in a long carpet with geometrical motifs, and the tables and bookshelves are adorned with travel books and magazines and histories of distant lands. The careful lighting rivals the natural light that floods into the rooms through huge windows that maintain the original appearance. The decorator also prioritised natural materials like wood, marble and straw.


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The atmosphere of the restaurant in Hotel Ivens – located in a uniquely styled building in Chiado, one of Lisbon’s most iconic neighbourhoods – has a theatrical quality to it. The historical and typically Portuguese surroundings contrast with the sophistication of the interior. Drawing back the veil reveals a gastronomic concept designed to emphasise the flavours of Italy, and its history and Mediterranean roots. This new focus on traditional italian food – in a 500m2 restaurant with 165 seats – invites diners to discover various gastronomic experiences at different moments in the day, from breakfast to dinner, that never fully reveal all of their pleasures. Each of these moments has its own stage and flavours. The charm and versatility of the space and the menu mean every visit is potentially unique.




Gastrobar, the stairs lead to the main bar which invites you to take a seat and choose one of the excellent wines from the imposing selection to pair with the food from the menu. Moving on to the Crudo Bar, the Mediterranean influence intensifies. The decor and menu here, as well as the displays of shellfish, entice the taste buds with the flavours of the coast of Italy. The main dining area of Ristorante is decorated in warm colours that combine with the Italian detailing, a compelling selection of wines and different forms of show cooking – with special mention for the grill and aged meats. It demonstrates that the restaurant is a constant source of surprise and delight.



On the verdant Terrace, the intense colours transform the interior into a pleasant exterior. This multifaceted and detailed venue acts as the backdrop for the small and delicious moments a restaurant provides. The interplay between the food and the setting creates a host of experiences that perfectly demonstrate Italian dolce vita.