Hotel Lutetia | The Iconic Address of Paris’ Left Bank

Hotel Lutetia | The Iconic Address of Paris’ Left Bank

November 3, 2023

Hotel Lutetia stands as an emblem of history, luxury, and artistic refinement. A founding member of The Set Collection, it heralded its remarkable renaissance in 2018, reintroducing itself to the world and initiating a new chapter in its storied existence. Situated on the illustrious Boulevard Raspail in the St. Germain-des-Pres area of the Left Bank, this iconic Parisian landmark originally opened its fabled doors in 1910 under the patronage of the Boucicaut family, renowned founders of Le Bon Marche. Acquired by The Set, known for its sensitive and transformative restoration of historical properties, the hotel underwent an ambitious period of restoration and refurbishment, reclaiming its position among the city’s grand hotels.




The restoration was a masterpiece undertaken by renowned architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, breathing new life into the Art Deco and Art Nouveau designs while introducing contemporary elements. The sensitive restoration aimed to bring more light into the iconic building, altering the ground floor’s layout and creating an interior courtyard patio, infusing the space with radiance and a sense of tranquility. With 184 keys, including 47 suites, the Hotel Lutetia’s rooms were meticulously crafted to allow for larger, more luxurious accommodations, with eight signature suites shining as the crown jewels of this rebirth. These signature suites, designed in collaboration with celebrated figures in art, fashion, and cinema, offer a unique experience reflecting the spirit and character of their creators.





The ‘St Germain Penthouse by Coppola,’ a creation in collaboration with the esteemed director Francis Ford Coppola, pays homage to the magic of the Left Bank and the director’s cinematic art. Isabelle Huppert’s ‘The Suite Parisienne,’ embodying elegance and freedom, resembles a Parisian apartment with an infusion of couture and personal mementos, capturing the actress’s essence. Other signature suites include ‘L’Atelier,’ ‘Amour,’ ‘Eiffel Writer’s Suite,’ and ‘Josephine Baker Suite,’ each weaving a tale of history and artistry, culminating in a unique experience for the guests. The ‘Presidential ‘Carré Rive Gauche’ Suite’ exudes opulence, each room framed by original art and a diverse selection of ancient artifacts and contemporary oils, making it a private museum in itself.



The hotel’s captivating allure extends beyond its luxurious accommodations to its meticulously curated spaces for social interaction. The iconic ‘Brasserie Lutetia’ stands as a meeting point where the city converges, offering a blend of classic favorites and contemporary interpretations under the helm of Executive Chef Patrick Charvet. The ‘Salon Saint-Germain’ features a radiant glass ceiling by artist Fabrice Hyber and an extensive library. ‘Bar Josephine’ pulsates with historical frescoes and cutting-edge mixology, while ‘Bar Aristide’ invites guests to unwind in a space dedicated to cigars and relaxation. The ‘Salon Cristal’ ballroom and six elegant meeting rooms add to the hotel’s diverse spaces devoted to the art of living. In the pursuit of holistic wellness, Hotel Lutetia boasts the luxurious Akasha Holistic Wellbeing, offering an array of sophisticated treatments and massages. Akasha embodies the philosophy of the four elements of life and offers an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.





Beyond its luxurious facilities, the hotel’s history intertwines with cultural icons and historical moments. From literary greats like James Joyce and Samuel Beckett to renowned artists like Picasso and Matisse, the hotel has been a haven for creativity, innovation, and sophistication. The likes of Charles de Gaulle, François Mitterrand, and cultural icons like Serge Gainsbourg and Miles Davis have graced its corridors, adding a touch of legacy to its walls. As part of The Set Collection, Hotel Lutetia continues to script its remarkable story, reaffirming its position as an iconic hub for Parisian life and culture. A space where history, elegance, and creativity converge, offering an unparalleled experience for travelers seeking the grandeur of a bygone era blended seamlessly with contemporary sophistication.

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