Casa Sagnier Barcelona | A Tribute to Architect Enric Sagnier’s Legacy

Casa Sagnier Barcelona | A Tribute to Architect Enric Sagnier’s Legacy

April 29, 2023

Enric Sagnier is considered the architect with the largest number of constructions in Barcelona and one of the most important of the modernist era, alongside Gaudí, Puig i Cadafalch and Domènech i Montaner.  Hotel Casa Sagnier is housed in the building that the architect built as a family home and architecture studio in Barcelona. The building, originally named “Casa Dolors Vidal de Sagnier”, in honor of his wife, was built in 1892. After many years of use as a housing complex, the building was turned into a hotel in 2008 and it was restored in 2021 to recover its original character.





Upon entering the front door, the space opens out on both sides, leaving the reception in the centre. To the left is the bar area of Cafè de l’Arquitecte restaurant which boasts a spacious bar and views over the passageway. To the right is the lounge area of the restaurant, a welcoming sitting room with a fireplace, library and tables that offers a homely atmosphere. 







The construction and interior design was provided by Federico Turull of TurullSørensen architects, who gave the hotel a homely style. In the other hand, the studio Elefante, with Eva Balart and Juan Carballido, have been in charge of the styling and also created the artistic installations that evoke Sagnier, such as the spectacular portrait of the architect made from stamps that hangs above the fireplace, and the mural with old photographs that decorates the bar. The project also had guidance from the interior designers Núria Pérez-Sala and Estrella Salietti.





The rooms have been renovated in shades of white and black, with wooden floors and rugs, while maintaining the classic carpet for the corridors. The complex was created with noble and natural materials that are recyclable, natural and acoustic fabrics, as well as original marble pieces that have been preserved, even with etch marks. With regard to the lighting, a staging concept has been created that compartmentalizes the spaces, becoming another element of the furniture.



Photos by Rafael Vargas


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