November 17, 2021
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‘Once upon a time, the palace of future’ is the hotel’s tagline, and it underlines two crucial components. To begin, ‘Once upon a time’ remembers the beginning of the Hotel‘s tale, focusing first and foremost on honoring its past and identifying where the Hotel’s core rests. The Haussmannian architecture, the front, the lobby, the wood paneling of Le Bar, La Galerie, the “haut de cuisine” restaurant, La Cour Jardin, and Le Relais Plaza are all included among Paris‘ historic sites. 



Furthermore, the Hotel’s relationship with its guests contributes to the essence of the Hotel as well as its connection with its employees, some of whom have worked at the Hotel for over thirty years. 



The second part of the Hotel’s motto, ‘the palace of tomorrow’, looks to the future and considers how best to integrate the iconic palace into the modern world without betraying the heritage of the property. The challenge here was to subtly enhance the Hotel’s homely atmosphere for our current guests whilst considering a style that would appeal to the following generations.  



Internationally acclaimed interior designer Bruno Moinard has been chosen by the Hotel to design the lobby, La Galerie, La Cour Jardin, the Salon Organza and the new ballroom named the Salon Haute Couture. In order to create a spectacular yet discreet atmosphere, without changing the Hotel’s concept, Bruno Moinard has placed emphasis on a subtle silver color scheme complementing the existing features of the Hotel highlighted by light effects, be they natural or electric.  



“Today, luxury is found in detail, in the seam, the lining, in what remains unseen, in surprises. Not in extravagance or overtly opulent decor.”
Bruno Moinard



When entering the lobby, guests will be instantly immersed by Haute Couture. Floral displays add to the welcoming atmosphere and are changed every week. Bronze, marble, and brushed oak furnishings have been designed, along with wood paneling on the walls. The beautifully designed mosaic floor is adorned with a rug inspired by a crystalline motif, which echoes the large chandelier



Created in 1936, Le Relais Plaza is a chic brasserie that has become one of the capital’s go-to destinations over the years. Under the direction of Bruno Moinard, Le Relais Plaza’s refurbishment in 2014 predominantly consisted of redecorating a few elements of the restaurant. Particular attention was paid to detail, such as the lampshade crafted in folds of fibrous plaster, as well as the furnishings and the newly extended bar area. Following the arrival of Chef Jean Imbert in September 2021, as director of all kitchens, the Relais Plaza is for him the first project that he reveals at the Plaza Athénée. For this project, the chef wanted to offer a cuisine driven by values that are dear to him, inspired by his grandmother, with iconic dishes but also many new products from Parisian brasserie cuisine.



Light is a key element in La Galerie with silver tones, chandeliers and the shaded patterns of the rugs that adorn the mosaic floor. Taking inspiration from La Cour Jardin, which La Galerie overlooks, the design details evoke nature with branch-shaped chandeliers, acanthus leaves surrounding lamp and sofa stands, and hand-embroidered floral patterns upon cushions. La Galerie provides an elegant and comfortable space for guests to unwind at any time of day namely for tea time when Angelo Musa and the pastry chef Elisabeth Hot reveal their latest creations.



Landscaped by the garden designer and architect Olivier Riols and embellished by Bruno Moinard, La Cour Jardin is a perfect setting for guests to enjoy any season. In summer with its geraniums and Virginia creepers, crape myrtle, and red camellias it becomes a peaceful place where Chef Mathieu Emeraud serves Mediterranean-inspired dishes topped by a sweet touch with one of Angelo Musa’s seasonal fruits based desserts. In winter, the courtyard is covered in ice to create a rink of almost 100 square meters! With a dedicated instructor at hand, the ice rink gives children a safe place to skate while their parents can look on from the indoor comfort of the Galerie.



Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku have adopted a bold and creative approach to Le Bar, plunging guests into a distinctive and dreamlike atmosphere. Known as one of the top evening destinations in Paris, Le Bar has been designed to create an innovative setting. Using a contemporary style, the space is decorated with a blend of blue and brown tones. The ceiling is hidden under an installation composed of wreaths of fabric reminding drapes of an Haute Couture dress whilst the oversized bar in transparent resin levitates within the space.



The chairs and sofas are elegantly designed with saddler topstitching, inspired by some of the finest vintage cars in the world. In the evenings, the glass disk-shaped lamps, like a pearl of a neckless, shed a dim and more discreet light creating an intimate ambiance. Since October 2018 the bar will be featuring an exclusive collection of truly exceptional Dom Pérignon white and rosé champagne, including Vintage, P2, P3 and Magnum, Jeroboam, Mathusalem. This unique selection, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world, can be savored onsite or added to a fine wine collector’s private cellar.



Hotel Plaza Athénée offers versatile spaces to host a variety of events, from corporate meetings to grand social occasions: a spacious ballroom (Salon Haute Couture), a warm space for “breaks”, (Salon Organza) along with two adjoining meeting rooms (Création rooms A & B) located on the upper floors of the Hotel. The whole spirit of Haute Couture is celebrated through light in the Salon Organza. In the center of the room, a rug is printed with a pattern that matches La Galerie’s wing chairs and the sofas in La Cour Jardin. The 85 square meter room can accommodate up to 120 guests.




The restoration of some of the guestrooms and suites has been entrusted to Marie-José Pommereau who chose a range of warm tones for the walls including peony, sun-infused yellow, and silver as well as materials such as damask, embroideries, and plain silks from top couture houses to adorn the windows, armchairs, and beds. 208 rooms and suites, all with a unique style, are designed as private apartments. The first six floors indulge in a classical Haussmanien universe with authentic furniture and high ceilings whereas the seventh – recently redesigned by the agency Moinard and Bétaille – and the eighth floor in Art Deco style pay tribute to geometrics. Fifty-two rooms offer a stunning view on the elegant avenue Montaigne. 



Since it was founded in 1946, Dior has maintained a strong relationship with the Hotel Plaza Athénée. Christian Dior was passionate about the Hotel which resulted in the opening of the Dior Spa in 2008. Exuding a modern and elegant atmosphere, Dior Spa is composed of six treatment rooms including one double and takes on Dior’s Haute Couture spirit on 30 avenue Montaigne to provide guests with high quality and bespoke service.



“The ultimate luxury experience for pure beauty” is the philosophy of the Dior Spa which emphasizes the exclusive experience similar to that of Haute Couture. Inspired by Christian Dior, “the architect of design”, the Dior Spa treatments are created, structured, and redefined for each guest, step by step, for instant and long-lasting rejuvenating results, a fantastical and deluxe experience in which CovetED could not be indifferent to.