How Coachella 2019 Influences Architecture And Fashion

How Coachella 2019 Influences Architecture And Fashion

April 17, 2019

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How Coachella 2019 Influences Architecture And Fashion ♦ The greatest festival in the world, that celebrates the best of arts and music, has started. Coachella, that takes place in Los Angeles, California, is on the way for the second (and, unfortunately, last) weekend – the April 19th and 21st – and CovetED brings the latest trends launched during this amazing event. Whether you’re a fan of architecture or fashion trends – or even of both -, we’ve collected everything you could see in the first weekend, in case you missed it or want to rewatch what happened. CovetED will unveil to you everything that will happen on the second weekend that ends this years’ edition.


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Besides the musical attractions, the amazing, unique art installations are a must-see in one of the most well-known music festivals in the world: Coachella. In every picture, you can admire the artistical installations that serve as the background for the innovative event. But today, we’ll take them out of the background and bring them to the spotlight, making them the main attraction of the festival for all of you that are in love with the architectural trends.

Sofia Enriquez presents MISMO


How Coachella 2019 Influences Architecture And Fashion 8

Sofia Enriquez presents MISMO


In the gardens that serve as a relaxation place, Sofia Enriquez assumes the spotlight with her creation: MISMO. The artist that, besides having a clothing line, paints murals, developed a series of six tridimensional murals in cashmere format. The drawings aim to represent equality in every sense of the word. Sofia Enriques has chosen colours and subjects that, like her clothes, reflect her own taste, but also aim to make people feel good. This is not her debut in Coachella, however. In 2015, the plastic artist created her first public mural for the Coachella camping.


Sofia Enriquez presents MISMO


Francis Kéré presents Sarbalé ke


How Coachella 2019 Influences Architecture And Fashion 9

Francis Kéré presents Sarbalé ke


Colourful triangles form screens around the 12 towers that Diéédo Francis Kéré has installed on Coachella’s site in Indio, California. The Berlin-based architect drew on the baobab tree in his native West African village of Gando, Burkina Faso, to design the structures as a place of shade and hub for festival goers.

“In my culture, the baobab is the most important tree,” said Kéré in a project description. “It’s the place where you get together, celebrate, and discuss. It also attracts animals. It’s spiritual. Naturally, you will walk toward it.”


Francis Kéré presents Sarbalé ke


Peggy Noland presents Foiled Plan


How Coachella 2019 Influences Architecture And Fashion 4

Peggy Noland presents Foiled Plan


Even though Peggy Noland is known for her work with textiles, lately, the artist has bet on wild surfaces, such as leathers and sludge to complete her works. In her third participation on the sets of Coachella, Noland used the Sonora stage to execute her work of art entirely handmade. Foiled Plan is a wide media facility that includes bespoke furniture and cactus sculptures, all covered with holographic leaves.


Dedo Vabo presents HiPO


How Coachella 2019 Influences Architecture And Fashion 6

Dedo Vabo presents HiPO


Vanessa Bonet and Derek Doublin, the artists known as Dedo Vabo, creates surreal and realistic worlds through architecture, robotics, multimedia elements and artists dressed like hippos. This is how Bonet and Doublin created HiPO for Coachella: an artistical installation composed by a rocket and a lab manned by hippos. On this installation, there are six performance spaces, where the hippos, with little experience in manning rockets, try to launch the spaceship and engage in communications and experiments on the deep space.


How Coachella 2019 Influences Architecture And Fashion 5

Dedo Vabo presents HiPO


NEWSUBSTANCE presents Spectra


NEWSUBSTANCE presents Spectra


Last year, the United Kingdom-based design studio NEWSUBSTANCE has launched Spectra: a round rainbow tower with an inner spiral ramp. The piece of art was presented again this year – and will come back for the next editions. The artistic creation won the prize for Best Design in 2018 in “Outdoor Lighting”, according to the Architects Newspaper Awards. Besides that, they have also won the golden prize in the International Design Awards.


NEWSUBSTANCE presents Spectra


Office Kovacs presents Colossal Cacti


Office Kovacs presents Colossal Cacti


In its debut in the festival, Office Kovacs presents seven colourfull cacti with heights between the 52 and the 24 meters. The art pieces are arranged in a spiral to create a relaxation and resting square. The cacti shadows transform the square also in a funny and attractive meeting point. To replace the thorns, the plants have lighting reflectors that illuminate the sculptures during the night and show the Office Kovacs’ preferences for using materials ready to build architectural forms.


Office Kovacs presents Colossal Cacti


Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU


The Most Fashionable Trends


As it could not fail to be, Coachella 2019 is one of the fashion trendiest setters events. As the kick off of the summer concert season, and unofficially the maker of the summer style start, people from all around the world show the most covetable looks that make us feel jealous and in need of a closet renewal. Famous and anonymous express themselves with the best outfits of the year and the most extravagant makeups. The true stars of the show aren’t just the ones that step the stage, as this event is so much more than that. Take a look at the best outfits worn on the first weekend of Coachella 2019, and see what you can expect from the second one.


Supermodels, singers, and the Jenners – What Else?


Who else could set some fashion trends for the Summer of 2019 better than great celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Cardi B, Joan Smalls, Kendall Jenner, among many others? Their looks are irreproachable and we just can’t stop looking at them, trying to figure it out how can we recreate their styles. But don’t worry: here are some tips you may follow.


Hailey Bieber

As the new face of Levi’s, Justin Bieber’s wife bet on an all-denim outfit that she combined with a lacey top and red Vans. A relaxed style that combines with her personality, as far as we know, and with the spirit of the festival. Right?


Hailey Bieber in Coachella 2019

Cardi B

Simple but without ceasing to be the extravagant personality we already know: Cardi B bet on a one-piece patterned shirtdress and pink sneakers. The highlight of her look is the hair: extravagant as she gotten us used to with blue and purple colours mixing and two bows on the top of her hair.


Cardi B at Coachella 2019


Joan Smalls

The Puerto Rican model wore a bright bodysuit, honouring the neon trends and an acid-wash miniskirt are all that Joan Smalls needed for a standout look.


Joan Smalls at Coachella 2019


Kendall Jenner

The younger Jenner took to the Coachella 2019 the summer vibes. The supermodel gave a summery sundress Old Hollywood glam with over-the-elbow gloves. The yellow mustard boots completed the look in perfection.


Kendal Jenner in Coachella 2019


Sara Sampaio

The Portuguese supermodel incarnated the Coachella spirit. Laces, flowers and a crop top to start the summer season in the trendiest festival.


Sara Sampaio in Coachella 2019


Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow arrived on the festival grounds wearing a red crochet crop top and destroyed denim.


Winnie Harlow in Coachella 2019


Romee Strijd

What can be better that one white denim item? A whole look with them, as Romee Strijd’s outfit proved.


Romee Stridj in Coachella 2019


Katy Perry

Katy Perry dressed for the desert in a bedazzled Adam Selman sports bra and bucket hat.


Katy Perry at Coachella 2019


Alessandra Ambrosio

Festival regular and model Alessandra Ambrosio celebrated her thirty-eighth birthday at Coachella in a GAL Floripa bikini top and ripped jeans.


Alessandra Ambrosio at Coachella 2019


Gigi Hadid

Model Gigi Hadid layered a pink-and-orange tie-dyed Ganni vest over an all-white ensemble. She accessorized the look with a variety of necklaces, bracelets, and mismatched earrings.


Gigi Hadid at Coachella 2019


Paris Hilton

What would Coachella be without Paris Hilton? Extravagant, and the queen – the expected from the superstar.


Paris Hilton at Coachella 2019


Graphic Collection


On stage: Ariana Grande, Latin Pop and lots of surprises


After being invited to Beyoncé last year in Coachella, this time J. Balvin performed at the main stage of the Californian festival, which was the debut of a reggaeton artist on that stage. “It took us 15 years to get here”, welcomed the Hispanic artist, being acclaimed by the public. Rosalía joined J. Balvin in the theme ‘Con Altura’ and Sean Paul was another of Balvin’s guests, who bet on a colourful setting full of accessories.

Pabllo Vittar surprised everyone by going to California to watch DJ Diplo and participate in the show with the hit “Na Sua Cara” with Major Lazer, in addition to singing the song “Energia” alongside the artists of the duo Sofi Tukker.


Ariana Grande on the stage of Coachella 2019


Coachella’s poster head, Ariana Grande also offered her fans several surprises: * NSYNC helped her in ‘break up with her girlfriend, i’m bored’, in which they are sampled, and Nick Minaj took the stage for a duet stained by technical problems. In turn, Janelle Monáe called the stage to rapper Lizzo, who had already acted on another stage, for a heated collaboration.

Also to the surprise of fans, Selena Gomez made a surprise appearance at Coachella 2019, taking the stage along with Dj Snake. Selena recently revealed that she had to have a kidney transplant, and since 2017 she has been away from the stage.


Janelle Monaé on the stage of Coachella 2019


Childish Gambino, who stood out for not having any surprise guest in his show and for asking viewers not to use cell phones during the concert, or Katy Perry, the surprise guest of the electronic musician Zedd, were other highlights of the first weekend of Coachella, which this year offered to many festival owners a different stage: the Sonora.

The festival continues next weekend with a special Kanye West show on Easter Sunday to present its “Sunday Service” project.

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