TECH EDEN | Maison et Objet’s 30-Year Celebration of Harmonizing Technology and Nature

TECH EDEN | Maison et Objet’s 30-Year Celebration of Harmonizing Technology and Nature

November 25, 2023

In 2024, Maison et Objet celebrates three decades of French-inspired excellence within the home decor, design, and lifestyle industry. To honor this milestone, the show invites attendees on a journey into a revitalized future where technology and nature coexist harmoniously. Contradicting its title’s opposition, “TECH EDEN,” the theme of this anniversary year, will unfold across 2024 at the Paris fair, within the city’s showrooms, and on the M.O.M marketplace. This theme will manifest in three cherished areas of Maison et Objet: interior architecture, retail, and hospitality. Building upon last year’s theme of “ENJOY!”, TECH EDEN embodies a vision of dreamlike optimism through form and color, centering this narrative on futuristic biophilia and a new realm of well-being.

Written by Amândio Pereira





“Maison et Objet is more attentive than ever to its customers and their needs, positioning itself at the heart of key challenges, now and in the future, by connecting creativity, innovation and eco-responsibility. Our ambition is to illustrate all the opportunities available to the home décor, design and lifestyle sector, and actively support its development. This is reflected in the quality of the program of events for the upcoming edition: the Designer of the Year’s innovative project, the development of a What’s New? space providing concrete responses to the challenges in retail, and the Hospitality Lab, embodying a unique forward-looking vision of the hybridization of hospitality venues.” Mélanie Leroy, Managing Director





New Futures and Paradise Regained



Maison et Objet’s 2024 theme TECH EDEN was devised in collaboration with the creative strategy agency Peclers Paris, which sees it as an opportunity to “highlight the profound evolution in the relationship between science and nature, and project it into a sustainable and desirable future.” Seeking to bring substance and poetry to the notion of progress, Peclers offers a progressive concept enriched by scenographic interpretations, at times soothing, at times energizing, and always inspiring. This narrative, reconciling a futuristic utopia with new realities, will feed into the show’s activities, encompassing all sectors of interior decoration and designarts and craftsretaildecor and hospitality. Through immersive experiences, TECH EDEN invites professionals to rethink spatial design and layout, augmented by technological innovation, and employ innovative aesthetic and environmental approaches. Science fiction has entered a new era and adopted a new discourse. It is no longer modeled on the kind of journey through space and time at the mercy of mysterious aliens filmed by Stanley Kubrick in his cult movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). While James Cameron’s latest epic Avatar 2 (2022) immerses us in a fantastical natural environment, Thomas Cailley’s Animal Kingdom (2023) explores the idea of mutation in a world of half-human, half-animal hybrids, symbolising profound cultural and societal change, all enhanced by a poetic and emotional narrative. The desire in this new-generation narrative is no longer to reclaim space, but rather an original paradise and a return to a wild existence exalted by scientific progress.



Soft Tech As A Driver Of Well-being



As societal crises and tensions reinforce our need to feel at ease in our own homes, cutting-edge technologies are responding with new services inspired by nature and offering a sophisticated version of it. Such is the case with Once Upon a Dream, a capsule room designed by Mathieu Lehanneur for the reopening of Hôtel de Marc. To encourage more restorative sleep, the principle of this ideal room is based on artificial and programmable management of natural day/night cycles. Reflecting this quest for well-being at home, indeed in all the places we occupy in our everyday lives – the office, a hotel room, even the spa – Maison et Objet launched its new ”Well-Being & Beauty” sector in September 2023, featuring a selection which reconciles feel-good rituals and soft technological innovations to create a cocoon-like feeling at home. Advances in digital technology, smartphones and tablets with ever more functions, 3D printing processes, the exponential growth of AI (Artificial Intelligence), and numerous connected and increasingly intuitive objects, are also supporting service design and mobility, reinforcing this quest for well-being. In the words of Jean-Louis Frechin, director and founder of, as well as an author, teacher at École Camondo in Paris, and specialist in digital design and innovation: “We are embarking on a fusion between our natural environment and technology. This new natural epoch, the Anthropocene, suffers from imbalances brought on by abuse of technology and reckless use of the planet’s resources, something which must be readjusted. It is through physics, scientific phenomena and the right technologies that designers will be able to develop sustainable and balanced solutions. In the age of Artificial Intelligence, when many objects can be designed and produced automatically, the only question is how we wish to inhabit this world…”. 



Technophile Explorers In Search of Utopia



“Sensitive explorers are embracing technological advances and using them to develop an augmented, tailor-made form of everyday life, with the goal of creating a soothing, dreamlike environment”, explains Brune Ouakrat, Strategic Planner & Futurologist, and Charlotte Cazals, Designer & Trend Forecaster at Peclers Paris. This gives rise to the concept of biophilic design and awakening, sustainable and technological experiments aimed at an emerging tribe brought together by social media. In a hyper-connected, digitised and physical world where reality and fiction meet, virtual tours and 3D augmentedreality glasses go hand in hand with aromatherapy and light therapy, stimulating all five human senses in the hospitality venues of tomorrow. Restaurants designed in welcoming “home-like” decor are re-emerging, while the Savoy Palace’s Laurea Spa offers total immersion in greenery, in imitation of Madeira’s legendary forest. Tomorrow’s consumers are seeking more qualitative experiences, but with great development potential and a resolutely eco-responsible dimension, such as the 3Dprinted hotel project, El Cosmico in Texas, designed in collaboration with BIGICON, and Liz Lambert.



“This anniversary edition will mark a significant development in Maison et Objet’s ability to support its customers, while also celebrating 30 years of inspiration, creativity and closeness to its community.” – Mélanie Leroy, Managing Director of Maison et Objet



Maison et Objet is back in 2024 from 18 to 22 of January in Paris. Stay tuned!