Pedrali’s Palace of Wonders presented at Salone Del Mobile 2019

Pedrali’s Palace of Wonders presented at Salone Del Mobile 2019

April 28, 2019


Pedrali’s Palace of Wonders presented at Salone Del Mobile 2019⇒  Pedrali presented from the 9 to the 14 of April it’s new collection at the 58th edition of Salone del Mobile Milano through a special setting created by the Italian architectural studio Calvi Brambilia. With a majestic entrance, the new collections characterized different sets: a hotel restaurant, an urban restaurant, a living area, a library, and others. Ten brand new products were presented by Pedrali at the Salone del Mobile this year along with some of its more iconic collections. Today CovetED will show the inside of the Pedrali’s Palace of Wonders.


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Now in its 31st edition, the leading Italian manufacturer of contemporary design furnishings for public spaces, offices and homes presented ten new collections made from metal, wood, plastic materials and upholstery. It’s a family business story that spans some 56 years, during which time Pedrali has established a 100% Made in Italy philosophy. The latter opened fourteen years ago and will be celebrating the completed expansion of its manufacturing unit this year.


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The high quality and respect for the environment represent long-established practices. This is proved by the use of water-based paints, made principally from plant-derived resins, and by the certifications ISO 9001 for a quality management system.

By creating this spectacular stand, Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla wanted to pay homage to the “wonders” presented by Pedrali. The new collections have a distinctive character and versatility that made it possible to create nine different sets, each styled by Elena Mora: a hotel restaurant, an urban restaurant, a living area, a library, a dining room, a bistro, a terrace, an office and a meeting room. All the sets have been carefully curated down to every last detail, and all share the same graphics style.


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Inside the Pedrali Palace of Wonders each of these “frames of life” was made even more evocative by the addition of an element that moved away from reality: the result was that the narrative seems suspended. Every scene was interrupted by what is essentially a break with the composition, leaving space for a rational, explanatory component. The actual elements used for the set – from the floor to the walls, even the decorative objects – have been cut. The objective was to put the focus on the products themselves.



The different sets were created through the contrasts between classic pieces, reflecting the traditions that are deeply rooted in the collective imagination, and elements belonging to the realm of the surreal; this creates a narrative pace that keeps visitors engaged yet surprised. This contrast helps to highlight the new products being launched at the fair; as true protagonists, stepping into the spotlight and acting as the common thread running throughout the whole stand.



Pedrali furniture is often used to create elegant, sophisticated spaces such as some of the world’s top restaurants. Héra (The rectangular-section legs with round edge display an attention to detail that makes this item particularly suited for use in some of the world’s leading hotels and restaurants. This armchair blends the Italian company’s know-how with the finest handcrafted joinery techniques; it is the result of years of interaction, research and close collaboration between the French designer and Pedrali.) takes centre stage, the armchair designed by Patrick Jouin, which the renowned French designer chose to preserve by giving it an extremely refined, fluid form.



Another room depicts an urban restaurant. The Jamaica (The elegance of this chair speaks of an age in which art, technology and the imagination came together to give a human face to the aesthetics of machines, reimagining a peaceful world with creative sociability.) collection by CMP Design was inspired by the famous Bar Jamaica in Milan’s Via Brera. It has a modernist design, yet looks to the past to reinterpret historic forms with a touch of humour. The combination of different materials such as wood, metal and upholstery exemplifies Italian “knowhow”, one of Pedrali’s strong points. 





The ideal solution for furnishing a living area is represented by the Buddy collection by Busetti Garuti Redaelli. This year, the collection expands with a comfortable two- or three-seater sofa. Thanks to a combination of four different densities of polyurethane foam and supportive elastic belts, the Buddy sofa is soft and comfortable.



Pedrali celebrated a special anniversary. Now to mark the 30th edition of the Euroluce exhibition, Pedrali unveiled Tamara: a suspension lamp designed by Basaglia Rota Nodari, that draws upon the headlights of early 20th-century automobiles, named in homage to Tamara de Lempicka, the modernist painter who became an icon of elegance and avant-garde style. Also for this year, Pedrali supported the Salone Satellite, the international event in the design world dedicated to the under-35s.


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