Isola Design District: Highlights from Milan Design Week 2019

Isola Design District: Highlights from Milan Design Week 2019

April 19, 2019

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Isola Design District: Highlights from Milan Design Week 2019⇒ ‘Unlimited Design’ was this year’s theme for ‘Fuorisalone‘ in which Isola Design District was included. Some of the sectors explored during last week’s events were –  science, research, history, circular economy. Even if you were not at Via de Castillia 26, where the district’s Design Village was set in, CovetED tells in this article everything you need to know. Come along!

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Ocean Drive by April Key


Ocean Drive is April Key’s first lighting collection and a fusion between Art Deco architecture, lighting and sculptures.



The exhibition included ten of her pieces made out of laser-cut plexiglass, while the neon pieces were handcrafted by Turkish artisans.





The Australians ‘DesignByThem‘ had their first European solo exhibition in Isola’s Design District.



The Australian design house showcased over 30 of their signature pieces as well as the international debut of a new furniture collaboration between DesignByThem (Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis) and the Australian fashion designer Dion Lee.


Hartwerp by Lien Van Deuren



The Belgian designer Lien Van Deuren presented ‘Hartwerp’ – a collection of interactive urban furnishings (pictured below), the modular Snake chair from Campidarte using old egg containers, and Stauper by Gard Hagen and Jonas Carlsen, a bio-composite daybed in linen fabric.



Her work goes beyond functionality and should be labelled sculptural work or installation art rather than furniture. Her inspiration comes from people and she always tries to push boundaries conceptually as well as in shapes and material.


‘Echo Bauhaus’ by Myriam Kuehne Rauner 



Myriam Kuehne Rauner paid homage to the Bauhaus movement with her collection ‘Echo Bauhaus’.

With it, The Nordic Design Apartment comes as a project calling on some of the finest Scandinavian brands set up along with Jutta Yla-Mononen, which will present a piece in glass and the book ‘Inspire Me’ dedicated to 25 Finnish designers.


Campidarte by Giorgio Deplano



What happens if we stack dozens and dozens of recycled packages of eggs, pierce them in the centre and let a rope pass through them? That’s what this presentation was all about.



Giorgio Deplano‘s project aims to create furniture in a modern and colourful way, and by reusing abandoned industrial materials and components. This is how the snake was born!



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