Find Out Everything About The “Coleção Amazónia” from Vista Alegre

Find Out Everything About The “Coleção Amazónia” from Vista Alegre

May 8, 2019

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Find Out More About The “Coleção Amazónia” from Vista Alegre⇒  Vista Alegre has partnered up with Ecoarts Amazonia to launch a new collection. With over 70 pieces in porcelain, grés, glass and crystal the project was created to preserve the environmental, cultural and scientifical heritage that are crucial for our future. For the first time in the history of the Portuguese porcelain store, all the brands from the group join forces to fight for a better world. Ecoarts, Vista Alegre, Casa Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro are the masterminds behind this collection whose funds are destined to the reforestation of the Brasilian region of Mato Grosso. Today CovetED will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing partnership.

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Find Out Everything About The "Coleção Amazónia" from Vista Alegre

Amazonia Collection


Vista Alegre is a Portuguese brand of porcelain, glass and glass, which marks 195 years of history, reinforces its creative and innovative capacity. The brand continues to meet the highest expectations of the public and specialists, combining tradition, history and modernity, and thus unquestionably asserting itself as a world reference in the tableware and decoration market. In their most recent project, the porcelain brand has partnered up with a non-profit Brazilian organization – Ecoasts Amazonia and is launching this collection oh May 15th in their Flagship store in Chiado, Lisbon. 

Find Out Everything About The "Coleção Amazónia" from Vista Alegre

Porcelain XL Plate

Hera Suspension Lamp

‘Amazonia’ is the featured collection of the first Vista Alegre global presentation in 2019. This extensive collection, made of porcelain, crystal, glass, earthenware and stoneware, presents the Amazon Rainforest, a journey through time that merges three centuries of history of the “lung” of the planet, recovering from oblivion the work of one of the greatest Portuguese naturalists of the eighteenth century, Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira.

Find Out Everything About The "Coleção Amazónia" from Vista Alegre

Food Storage Bowl

‘Amazonia’ was developed in partnership with EcoArts, a Brazilian non-profit entity based in Mato Grosso, which develops circular economy projects based on nature, transforming non-timber forest residues (such as leaves or seeds) with the intervention of local indigenous peoples , in objects of art, with the purpose of generating economic viability, knowledge and respect for the exuberant and threatened biodiversity of the Amazon forest.


Find Out Everything About The "Coleção Amazónia" from Vista Alegre

Salt & Pepper

‘Amazonia’ brings together two sister cultures, the Portuguese and the Brazilian, in preserving an environmental, cultural, social and scientific heritage crucial for the future of humanity, since part of the collection’s revenues will revert to the reforestation of the Amazonian area of ​​Mato Grosso.Through the planting of native fruit trees in indigenous towns and villages in the region where Ecoarts operates. For each piece sold, a tree will be planted in the Amazon. Through a surprising fusion of materials and techniques that have found an inexhaustible source of inspiration in the world’s largest rainforest, this collection represents the Amazon as it truly is – a vibrant mosaic of ecosystems, biodiversity, ancient customs and peoples, colours, sounds and smells.

Find Out Everything About The "Coleção Amazónia" from Vista Alegre

Napkin Holder

Made out of porcelain, crystal, earthenware and earthenware, harmoniously and surprisingly, Amazonia was developed using techniques that bring this collection closer to nature. From sculpture to manual painting, it is thanks to the accumulated know-how of six generations of highly skilled artisans of Vista Alegre that a collection is born so rich in details full of meaning.

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