The Pelican Eyes Hotel and Resort in Nicaragua


The Pelican Eyes Hotel and Resort in Nicaragua

October 18, 2016

Nicaragua is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Pelican Eyes Hotel and Resort materializes this notion as the perfect paradise that is bound to impress with its peculiarity. It is situated on the hillside overlooking the bay, and where you can encounter the phenomenal San Juan Del Sur. Over and above, this Exotic and harmonious design will offer mesmerizing views, landscapes, accommodations, and amenities. If you want to take a vacation and free yourself from the troubles of the world, choose this hypnotizing attraction.

Pelican Eyes Hotel and Resort

The pacific coast resort features amazing whitewashed adobe walls, the pools are engraved into the hillside and manifold other forms that blend in perfectly with the maritime environment. It is an absolutely adventurous and dead dropping gorgeous scenery

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Pelican Eyes Hotel and Resort

It is the perfect ambiance to be close to nature, and you can do multiple activities within the inn: one can visit the grandiose gardens in the hotel or even watch the monkeys that live there. If you prefer to go out into the beautiful San Juan del Sur, you can go cruising through the serene ocean, you can also surf and sail or have a magnificent experience in the fishing village. There is also the possibility to horseback ride. Obviously, when push comes to shove, and your belly starts to growl, you must definitely need to try local delicacies, you have plenty of restaurants to choose from. At nighttime, the views are an absolute delight shadowed by a translucent moonlight. Whatever you prefer, you are guaranteed to have an awesome time.

The Pelican Eyes Hotel and Resort

The Hotel is besieged by multiple villas, developed with a modern and luxurious touch. The floor is uniquely adorned with terracotta tiles and the interiors have a diverse number of handcrafted furnishings.



So if you are looking for the perfect sightseeing  or just to have a good time in general, The Pelican Eyes should most certainly rank amongst your top picks.

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