Voyage Overseas with Project Norse


Voyage Overseas with Project Norse

October 12, 2016

If you love the ocean and you are an avid fan of sailing and adventures, then this next design is exclusively just for you. Project Norse is an astonishing design created by Oliver Stacey Design in collaboration with BMT Nigel Gee. This magnificent yacht capable of voyaging overseas measures 80-meters and it guarantees that its passengers are well protected and kept in high spirits.

Project Norse

Based on a hybrid propulsion structure, this sail assisted yacht is extremely efficient and self-sustained that has an astounding global range and a low-rate pollution system.



This Viking inspired looking vessel is assured to bring the Nordic presence into the 21st century. Its construction was mostly influenced by the exhibition about Vikings Voyagers at the National Maritime Museum at Falmouth.

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Project Norse

Characterized by an in-boom furling system and three indistinguishable wing masts, this reliable and flexible transportation mode does not require much workforce in order to navigate through trans-oceanic waters. Its power can be engendered through trailing shaft-lines to battery storage. This explorative yacht has at the same time a livable environment for those who want to have a lively experience. Project Norse offers everything for its guests.

Project Norse

The Norse yacht can even be sailed in shallow waters which are quite impressive if you take into consideration its size and configuration. As a result, it is able to access secluded anchorages. It is also composed by a gantry crane abroad that can be employed to launch or recover a wide variety of vehicles, such as submarines, undersized seaplanes, snowmobiles, and amongst others.

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Norse Yacht

There are literally no boundaries when it comes to this frivolous and matchless conception. So embrace yourselves to witness the future of sailing! So start selecting a destination, because this phenomenal yacht is ready to go! All aboard!