Hotels We Covet – The National Hotel in Miami


Hotels We Covet – The National Hotel in Miami

November 17, 2016

The National Hotel in Miami opened its doors in 1940 and since then it has become one of the most noteworthy hotels in the United States. It has been acknowledged for its architectural authenticity and geographical awareness by the Historic Hotels in America organisation. Situated in the heart of Miami Beach, the National Hotel provides luxurious amenities and a wide variety of entertainments. The Luxury Inn was restored in 2014 and it is better than ever. In addition, the hotel provides the most mesmerising views due to its oceanfront resort persona. The picture below is an excellent example of such. Let’s take a look on some of the hotel’s excellent services and amazing features.


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national hotel

In regards to features, the hotel is composed of an incredible amount of 116 guest rooms and suites which are located at the Historic Tower. The guests can also benefit from 36 oversized cabanas.


In order to keep it aesthetically and culturally influential, the majestic hotel is often curated with the most visionary art collections from all over the globe. Furthermore, it also has a quite famed restaurant called Tamara’s Bistro, which highlights fine French dining as its speciality. Just take a look at the beautiful mural that covers the ceiling of the restaurant.



Out of curiosity, did you know that the National Hotel holds the longest infinity-edge pool in the whole Miami Beach area? Which in merit, it becomes a very alluring attraction. It measures a total of 205 feet long and it is even more unique due to the native tropical palm trees that besiege the area and a stunning pool deck where guests can have a calm and relaxing time by enjoying dining and massage services. Who wouldn’t want to experience this harmonious setting?


As if all of the characteristics listed above weren’t sufficient, the hotel also has an entryway to a serene beach where you can have a good time next to the sea. That really puts your next vacation into perspective, doesn’t it?


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The Cinematic Art Deco Hotel has actually been given a certificate of excellence in 2015. Speaking of art, the hotel will be the host of a new entertaining program dubbed as “Live at the National!” which is going to greet guests to the most phenomenal live musical performances. The hotel will also showcase the ultimate art experience in reference to the upcoming Art Basel event, as it will receive renowned designer and photographer, Maurice Renoma. So for all art lovers, you are in luck and the National Hotel is a must!

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