A Manhattan Apartment Featuring KOKET’s Sultry and Seductive Pieces


A Manhattan Apartment Featuring KOKET’s Sultry and Seductive Pieces

March 6, 2017

In a luxurious and cosmopolitan project, KOKET gave life to the interiors of a majestic Manhattan Apartment, in New York City. To this apartment project, was added a touch of seduction with a sultry revamp which a known signature of KOKET. Serving as a great source of inspiration, this airy and bright residence features a series of exuberant pieces from the alluring brand, including fabulous upholstered armchairs, luminous sconces, glistening wall mirrors, empowering cabinets, and much more.

Blending both new and classic designs, the apartment’s colour palette is neutral-focused. In the dining room and living room, lavish wallcoverings act as accents to add some texture and depth to the room’s cream walls.

entrance-koket-08 - Cópia1 manhattan apartment

Embellishing the entrance is the opulent Guilt Mirror made in textured metal. Right below, the Temptation Console displays an impeccably wrapped in a metallic leather and sleek black legs creating an extraordinarily luxurious ambience.

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KK Bar (2)1 manhattan apartment

The colour palette of this bar highlights by the striking Deliciosa bar stools which are adorned in an exotic patterned fabric. The sweet curvy legs in gold leaf pairs perfectly with the gentle gold pendants, the Gia lighting piece is eternalized in gleaming metallic.

KK Bedroom (9)1

This modern and neutral hallway design features the Parisian Armoire, this charming piece has large ornate doors are adorned with gold and sinful serpent handles whereas its interior is lined with glorious fabric and has 6 lacquered drawers. This set also features the Chandra Chair and the Amaretto Sconce whose beauty is indescribable.

KK Dining Room (3)1 manhattan apartment

To fully understand how sultry and empowering this apartment is, here you can spot its fabulous dining room that features a series of empowering pieces by KOKET. The Rêve Mirror is finished in a matte exterior with a high gloss metallic interior. The unconventional and tantalising Flora sconce is an intricately sculpted fixture with a hip petal pusher appearance whereas the Intuition dining table evokes the mysterious and divine feminine instinct.

KK Living Room (10)1 manhattan apartment

The living room set brims with glamorous pieces, from the exuberant Geisha Curve sofa to the Vivre chandelier which presents dark neutral tones and exquisite patterns. In the centre of the room, the Tears cocktail table showcases its striking blending details of shaped glass and metal that are complemented by the upholstered Mia chairs.

KK Living Room (23)1 manhattan apartment

Another modern living room set that highlights the geometric and exotically finished, Opium Cabinet as well as the radiant Stella Mirror that is characterised by its floral frame.

naomi-chair-koket-projects1 manhattan apartment

In this living room set, the soft wallpaper in Rock On accentuates the mid-century modern legs of the Naomi Chair which are stylishly capped in metal. At the corner, the Reptilian floor lamp highlights a sultry glow that pours from underneath a delicious satin shade.

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