Salone del Mobile 2017 – De Castelli Introduces Tracing Identity

tracing identity salone del mobile 2017

Salone del Mobile 2017 – De Castelli Introduces Tracing Identity

March 31, 2017

At Salone del Mobile 2017, Italian furniture brand, De Castelli will introduce the exceptional Tracing Identity project that features seven female designers from different backgrounds and approach to design, namely Alessandra Baldereschi, Nathalie Dewez, Constance Guisset, Francesca Lanzavecchia, Donata Paruccini, Elena Salmistraro, Nika Zupanc. This project consists of a collection of metal furniture with a strong emotive appeal and gives an enhanced character to De Castelli’s finishes. The brand’s exhibitions will be located in Hall 16, Booth D45.

tracing identity

De Castelli is renowned for mastering melting design and metal manufacturing as well as using handcrafting and technological techniques. De Castelli invited a group of female designers with strong interpretive and intimate visions for creating a special collection of interior elements, able to dispel the myth that metal is cold, uncommunicative and strictly linked to male nature. Each piece has a precise use and a strong volumetric presence.

Alessandra Baldereschi – Painting

01_Baldereschi_ph.GianlucaVassallo salone del mobile 2017

A big screen that looks like a theater scenery. Dream-like landscapes on both sides, a night sky full of stars and rolling hills. The chromatic shades that De Castelli creates thanks to materials’ oxidation are comparable to colors on a painting.

De Castelli_Tracing Identity_Baldereschi_Painting

Nathalie Dewez – Elizabeth


Elizabeth will be glad to welcome you at the entrance of your house or in the hall of a public building. On the top, you can place a lamp or many other complements, whereas, on the inside, you can hide curiosities and small objects. Elegant on its small feet, Elizabeth charms with its light and delicate shapes. Fundamental is the special bending technique developed by De Castelli. The thin metal sheet gains strictly defined shapes. A plissé that, like fabric, gives energy, rhythm and a feminine allure to the cabinet.  The polished copper finish creates vibrant and unique reflections.

De Castelli_Tracing Identity_Dewez_Elizabeth tracing identity salone del mobile 2017

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Francesca Lanzavecchia – Scribble


This coffee tables collection aims to celebrate the beauties of De Castelli finishes. Precious materials that express themselves through distinctive oxidations combined with a minimal drawing. The final aim of this project is showing the feminine and elegant soul of metal. Like essential and soft lines drawn by a paintbrush, these shapes create a sort of dance and suddenly turn into table tops ready to be used for elegant and vibrant compositions.

De Castelli_Tracing Identity_Lanzavecchia_Scribble salone del mobile 2017

Constance Guisset – Volte

04_Guisset_ph.GianlucaVassallo salone del mobile 2017

Volte plays with metal for enhancing its expressive potential, proving that this material could also be warm and cozy, following elegant and essential shapes. Graceful and feisty at the same time, the soft lines of the shelves are supported by two smooth lateral wings characterized by peculiar délabré copper shades. At the base, a drawer completes the ensemble. A totem, a sculpture. It is not necessary to lean it against the wall, Volte can be admired from every position. A strong evocative power enhanced by the combination of a wood structure and a noble material like copper.

De Castelli_Tracing Identity_Guisset_Volte

Donata Paruccini – Vomere


A table entirely made of metal that fights with the original heaviness of its material. An object that expresses lightness and freedom from strict formal schemes. The inclined surfaces of this table enhance the characteristics of De Castelli unique know-how. The sustaining structure is unusual, asymmetric. The metal sheets characterised by rounded angles are wedged one into another creating visible contrasts at the base, reminding of the shape of the orbital délabré copper top. Single elements whose casual inclinations enhance the two sides of the metal sheet.

De Castelli_Tracing Identity_Paruccini_Vomere salone del mobile 2017

Elena Salmistraro – Polifemo

06_Salmistraro_ph.GianlucaVassallo salone del mobile 2017

Polifemo is a cabinet, an innovative aesthetical version of a piece of furniture that everyone owns in their houses. Composed by a wood structure and a copper covering embellished by ornamental engravings, Polifemo is an unusual but unique piece of furniture that makes the difference showing its strong character.

De Castelli_Tracing Identity_Salmistraro_Polifemo salone del mobile 2017

Nika Zupanc – Longing Cabinet

07_Zupanc_ph.Fulvio Grisoni salone del mobile 2017

The cabinet expresses the peculiarities of wishes through the selection of De Castelli copper finishes: for each compartment a unique finishing that enhances the company know-how and its dedication to this precious material.

De Castelli_Tracing Identity_Zupanc_Longing Cabinet salone del mobile 2017

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