Restaurants We Covet – Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée

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Restaurants We Covet – Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée

February 16, 2017

Following a philosophy of naturalness, legendary Monegasque chef, Alain Ducasse centres his cuisine menu around a trilogy of healthier and enriching nourishments to the body referring to fish, vegetables and cereal. Located at Plaza Athénée in Avenue Montaigne, the restaurant went through an extensive period of renovation which was concluded in 2014.

alain-ducasse-au-plaza-athenee-restaurant-room source dorchester collection

Source: Dorchester Collection

Determined on producing high-quality dishes that entail environmental preservation, the chef sees the act of cooking as an adaptable process, therefore, he tends to hold a courteous perspective towards these natural resources with the assistance of an experienced team of multifaceted chefs headed by Romain Meder.

Alin Ducasse et Romain Meder

Source: Le Figaro

In an organic effort to synchronise the interiors with that singular touch of naturalness, just like in Alain Duchasse’s cuisine, designers Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku made sure to highlight the veracity of the materials as well as organising the space in a way that guests would feel at their best, concerning privacy and overall experience.

Gamberoni from San Remo source Luxeat

Source: Luxeat – Gamberoni from San Remo

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alain ducasse

Source: Luxeat | Vegetables and greens from Versailles.

Eager to create a soft and marvellous decor, Ducasse’s restaurant presents solid oak tables with leathering seats, silky cushions and splendorous crystal chandeliers that exude glamour and serenity. Although the dining room was refurbished, a series of elements were kept identical in order to uphold the history and essence of the prestigious venue.

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Additionally, the restaurant displays an exceptionally structured collection of tableware which was exhaustively worked by skilful and zealous artisans and designers, such as Tina Frey, Pierre Tachon and Gérard Crociani. Each piece has its own narrative leading to Ducasse’s ideologies for the restaurant.

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Guests can opt for a diversity of menus all representing the much-yearned state of naturalness, from the Shojin Menu of Chinese origins to the Jardin-Marin Menu consisting of three half-courses, cheese and dessert. The most distinguished courses vary from the Gamberoni from San Remo which comes with avocado grilled on coffee beans as well as sea urchins, vegetables from château de Versailles with cedar seeds and mushrooms, and the beloved Brittany Langoustines with golden caviar which are served cold. The restaurant also serves an outstanding wine selection supervised by wine sommelier, Gérard Margeon.

cooking-box2-1 source alain ducasse

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alain ducasse

Langoustines Bretonnes

“To eat more healthily and naturally is today both an expectation and a necessity that must be translated into the field of haute cuisine. Exceptional produce expressing their simplicity, a technique which has the elegance to take a step back to their benefit. This is the cuisine I sincerely love. Cuisine of Naturalness, released, freed. This very personal interpretation is indeed, here, in my restaurant at the Plaza Athénée.”

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Source: Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée