Maison & Objet and Paris Design Week 2015


Maison & Objet and Paris Design Week 2015

September 1, 2015

CovetED has a great piece of news. Paris will be the design capital for one week receiving Maison & Objet 2015 and Paris Design Week the 4th to 8th September once again. This article pretends to give you all the information you need to have a delightful visit if you pretend to move to Paris in the beginning of September.


The fifth annual PARIS DESIGN WEEK, scheduled to overlap with MAISON&OBJET PARIS, will take place from Saturday 5 to Saturday 12 September 2015.
For eight days, the event invites French and international professionals and the general public to discover the best showcases of design in Paris, while the leading talents in the discipline gather in the now! le Off exhibition.

PARIS DESIGN WEEK is an event uniting 300 participants that all proudly promote first-rate design in Paris. At a time when new collections are popping up in stores and the new concepts for the autumn season are being launched, the event brings together the talents and forces of retailers, galleries, showrooms, hotels and restaurants for eight days to share their experience in design and creation with the public.


Late-night openings, debates and installations bring the city to life, echoing the new releases for autumn and kicking off the pre-holiday sales period. This latest edition intends to forge even stronger and broader ties between those involved in Parisian design, but also to strengthen the event’s technical dimension with the creation of the Projects special itinerary. Established to mirror the development of the MAISON&OBJET PROJECTS show, this new themed itinerary invites specifiers and private individuals with development projects to enter the participants’ showrooms to meet interior design professionals – a unique early-autumn opportunity to start planning home improvement and décor projects.


Opéra / Concorde / Étoile

From Arc of Triumph until Louvre, passing by the boutiques of Royale street, the creation of the design will shine around the place de la Concorde.


Barbès / Stalingrad

The Empire of the Creation is gaining the place up north and east of Paris where we can observe the birth of new path marked by experiences of PARIS DESIGN WEEK.

parisdesignagenda-What is Maison & Objet 2015 – KOKET2

Marais / Bastille

The triangle formed by the angle of Bastille, the square of Republic and the Church of Saint Paul mark the design in all its forms.



The place of choosing the best editors and publishers of furniture, is a perfect place for finding rare objects or to reveal the real design icons.

Les Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design

During 8 days the talents of the design are exclusively with Les Docks, place of fashion and design where they present their last projects and creations.


There will be a lot of Conferences this year, we would like to list some of them, for more information, check HERE :

parisdesignagenda-What is Maison & Objet 2015 – light

Food & Design

SATURDAY, 5 SEPTEMBER. 6 pm /// 7.30 pm, Culinary creativity offers new ground for experiences to share with designers. From tableware to creative uses of space.

Alberto Alessi, Manufacturer , Stéphane Bureaux, Culinary designer, Alexandre Cammas, Creator of Le Fooding, Presented by Chantal Hamaide, intramuros

Less is Better

MONDAY, 7 SEPTEMBER. 6 pm /// 7.30 pm

An update of the “Form follows function” concept. How the need to write finds solutions suited to technical innovations and new uses.


Jay Osgerby and Edward Barber, Designers, Presented by Chantal Hamaide, intramuros

parisdesignagenda-What is Maison & Objet 2015 – cabinet

Luxury & Design

TUESDAY, 8 SEPTEMBER. 6 pm /// 7.30 pm

The world of luxury looks to interior architects and designers to raise brand value and validate its creativity for a smart international crowd.

Floriane de Saint Pierre, Floriane de Saint Pierre & Associés President
Patrick Jouin, Designer, Presented by Chantal Hamaide, intramuros

Also we can enjoy the “Now! le OFF!”. UP-AND-COMING TALENTS AT NOW! LE OFF

The now! le Off exhibition held at Les Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design has become a major springboard for designer creativity. It presents the New Design Talents and Emerging Design Brands from around the world.


What about Maison & Objet 2015?

To start with let us see how the trade show is split and what you can found on which area. So, to better understand where we can found what decoration style, split the trade show in 2 parts, the first one is the bigger space dedicated to home fashion where you can find all kind of decoration objects and home accessories. The second part of Maison & Objet is dedicated to luxury and design where the exhibition starts to be less in a store format and be more a like ride between galleries. This 2 parts split now into different themed areas.


Hall 1 – ECLECTIC; Be Surprised

Worldwide cultures bring together their best influences and come together with ECLECTIC. Atypical and inspiring design and decoration with a delightful taste of local and international inspiration.


Hall 2 – COSY; The Softest Interior

With its broad range of decor and textiles, COSY transports us into a warm and friendly universe. A truly welcoming and comfortable cocoon.

Hall 3 & 4 – ELEGANT; Refinement is at hand

Reinterpreted styles, from the quaint to the urban-inspired, are available in a wide range of decoration objects, fabrics and furniture with a timeless, refined and elegant sheen.

Hall 5B – ACTUEL ; Be in the here and now   

A contemporary spirit sweeps through the ACTUEL sector and its range of furniture and decoration with a strong international dimension. Urban modernity, concepts with refined excellence—an essential stopover.

Hall 5A – CRAFT, MÉTIERS D’ART; Esteemed Know-How

Craftspersons and art producers. Rare pieces, unique traditional and contemporary objects as well as exceptional know-how come together in this dedicated area. Creation, handmade work and the precision of artisanal production are presented as an added value.

Hall 5A & 6 COOK + DESIGN ; Creativity Sits Down at the Table

The kitchen, a playing ground for all types of creativity. A world as welcoming as it is innovative, the art of dining, cooking and gastronomy at its best.
Indulge without guilt!

Hall 5A COMPLEMENTS ; Essentials for your Home

Happiness and delight are easily found in this enchanting sector in which different objects bring a special essence to your home and interior.


Hall 5A – FRAGRANCES ; Tomorrow’s Scents

Encounter all kinds of scents at FRAGRANCES. Scented soaps and candles, bathing products and air fresheners; the decorative and olfactory signature of our interiors.

Hall 6 – FRESH; A Highly Colorful World

The little objects that give that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ to our interiors. A multitude of qwerky and coloured items designed to conquer all your living spaces: kitchen area, living room, bathroom.



Hall 6 – KIDS; The Childhood Kingdom

Childhood is a world in itself. A teeming, inspiring and ever-changing world: decoration, furniture, fabrics and object designers come together to showcase their creativity and imagination for the little design princes and princesses in our lives.

Hall 6 – FASHION; At the Forefront of Fashion

Fashion objects and design objects come together in this sector with a unique selection of handbags, jewellery, scarves and clothing. Do not miss this designtastic section.

Hall 6 – BELOVED; Love at First Sight

For the trendiest and most fun objects on offer. The perfect sector for creating your own personal beauty touch.


Come and meet, consult, talk and subscribe to the French and international press of the art of living at the crossroads of the best deco influences / fashion / culture.


Hall 7 – SCÈNES D’INTÉRIEUR; The Stamp of Excellence

The upscale gathering for the most beautiful signatures in decoration, a space for expression by exceptional creators mixing craftsmanship, art and design. Creativity at its finest.


Hall 7 – NOW ! DESIGN À VIVRE ; The Soul of Design

With ever-growing innovations, and experiments, discover new design concepts in the now! design à vivre section. Materials are transformed, subverted, combined, “eco-friendlied” to create beautiful objects as well as bold and functional furniture.

Hall 8 – M&O PROJECTS; Interior Design Solutions

A space for cutting-edge expertise. A meeting place, with a platform dedicated to technical and decorative interior design solutions. The must-have for producing innovative and creative projects.

During the trade show, a lot of meetings, speeches and events will happen on the entire space, I will show you bellow, the more important ones to help you not losing anyone.

Inspirations 2015/2016

It will have 3 scattered spaces at Maison & Objet. Each space has its own theme and philosophy.  It invites you to sink your teeth into the precious theme, by discovering the new Inspirations forum. Precious and preciousness are expressed in many ways. The word immediately evokes cut stones and their mysterious settings, raw materials rendered more beautiful still by the genius of man.

Hall 7 – “Precious” by Elisabeth Leriche

Artists, artisans and designers rewrite the rules of opulence. The paths to things precious are many and wondrous, with the beauty of rarity, they make us ponder the ultimate luxury. What is truly precious?

Hall 7 – “The pop-up bookshop” by Vincent Grégoire, NellyRodi

Peruse or purchase the latest Inspirations book and previous issues. Come discover a selection of books on new trends in the casual atmosphere of a café whose scenography echoes the PRECIOUS theme. Tasty.


Other spaces


From hospitality to retail, from exceptional designers to advanced solutions for interior design and trend analyses, the Conference Room will host 5 lectures a day. To check the entire schedule, go to the next LINK.

TeamLab, the Japanese digital technology collective, invites us on a sensorial promenade in an immersive installation with the overtones of a suspended Eden.

Pols Potten has set up shop in the passageway down to Hall 1 with the exhibit ECLECTIC CHIC.
Creativity, innovation and humor fill the space, where you can enjoy a break in the Dutch designer’s inventive, witty world.


With Surnature, the Trend Forum of Ateliers d’Art de France reveals the unique relationship between design and nature and sheds light on nature: magnified, transformed, dreamed and shown from four angles.

coveted-Maison-&-Objet-and-Paris-Design-Week-2015-photosHall 7 – SCENARII 2020 BY R3ILAB

The R3iLab is presenting Scenarii 2020, a forward-looking event bringing together market experts, manufacturers and designers. 10 product lines to suit our lifestyles and future uses arising from the advent of digital living.

To conclude, the team of CovetED is eager to visit Paris very soon. Let us meet in France!
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