Maison et Objet 2017 – A General View at the Distinguished Fair

maison et objet 2017 featured

Maison et Objet 2017 – A General View at the Distinguished Fair

January 25, 2017

The Distinguished fair of design, decoration and lifestyle, Maison et Objet 2017, concluded yet again another successful run with various designers and brands showcasing their potential and beloved creations. Paris, otherwise known as the city of lights and romance, is one of the most monumental innovators and main route of artistic forms thus a an enormous influence in the design and fashion industries. Basically, the Maison et Objet alongside a group of other elite events become gatherings that celebrate the recent work and creative accomplishments within this hard-working industry, which in end, elevate the notion of the art to a whole new supreme level. Throughout this article, you will be able to find some of the best exhibitions and moments that happen at the January edition of the event.

maison et objet 2017

Source: Maison et Objet (Instagram)

Covet House

Covet HouseHaving eight European design brands showcasing their uniquely aesthetic pieces, from lighting to furniture,  Covet House consists of a place where designers, architects, press, bloggers, and field experts come together for a design celebration. It takes you on a journey where innovation meets comfort and Luxury.

Boca do Lobo

Boca do LoboProviding exquisite and emotive experiences, a sense of belonging and a state of mind, Boca do Lobo is driven by a desire of highlighting Portuguese culture and traditions in an array of jaw-dropping pieces.


DelightFULLThe Luxury lighting brand is renowned for going to unimaginable limits with evocative and eye-catching pieces.
The ones shown at the event involve simplicity, archetypal shapes, sensitivity, and discrete elegance in a majestic commemoration of design.


KOKETKoket’s stand was revamped with chic metal new additions, embellished in a palette of black, cream and caramel tones as well as a fusion of gleaming gold with bronze metal.


brabbu maison et objet 2017Following a mantra of intense living and design forces, the glamorous brand displayed fierce and empowering pieces, from velvety sofas to exquisite accessories.


LUXXU maison et objet 2017The modern brand has the best lighting solutions to offer that exude class and glamour to any setting.

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CircuCircu focuses on providing the best decoration projects for children, from enchanting and innovative creations to high-quality furnishings, creating the ultimate childhood kingdom.

Maison Valentina

maison valentina maison et objet 2017Maison Valentina exhibited fresh and refined novelties as well as other established bespoke and bathroom furniture. This year the brand extended their range of projects, showcasing awe-inspiring dressing tables, large mirrors and delicate stools made from the finest materials.

Essential Home

Essential Home maison et objet 2017Known for their phenomenal mid-century furniture designs, Essential Home created an intimate and cosy ambience through elegance and luxury pieces at the prestigious event.


memoir maison et objet 2017Creating pieces that symbolise individuality and elegance, Memoir tells an exceptional story from a feminine standpoint displaying a unique journey through designs.

Vista Alegre

vista alegre

Based in Aveiro, Vista Alegre is one of the best manufacturers of porcelain full of traditions and history. Nuno Barra is the Marketing and New Product Development Director of the brand.


Ochre maison et objet 2017

Source: Ochre (Facebook)

The renowned brand showcased the most astounding pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories which shown their advanced expertise on craftsmanship and use of the finest materials.

Molo Design

molo design

Source: Molo Design (Facebook)

The artistic studio based in Canada, Molo is displayed a variety of designs, including the Cloud Mast and sculptural softwalls.

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon

Source: Tom Dixon

The celebrated British designer, best described for his eclectic style, presented a cluster of astounding pieces, from singular lamps to extraordinary pieces of furniture.

De Castelli

de castelli

Source: De Castelli (Facebook)

Mastering the art of shaping iron like no other, De Castelli designs pieces that combine handcrafting tradition with the latest technological sources.



Source: Formagenda (Facebook)

Formagenda is quite passionate about what they do and so they utilise a form language that resists functional and boring designs, opting for a more contextual approach to creating lamps with emotion and character.

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Fendi Casa


Fendi’s designs display a mix of modern and vintage details that are purely complementary.

Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors

roberto cavalli

Source: Roberto Cavalli (Facebook)

Roberto Cavalli turns fabrics and materials into exclusive furniture objects that an automatic match within any interior as one can see by this wonderful exhibition at the event.

Luxury Living Group | Ritz Paris Home Collection

luxury living

Source: Luxury Living Group

Showcasing a striking collection of furnishings and accessories, Luxury Living Group and Ritz Paris provide exceptional and sophisticated ways of living.


Zuza Mengham, Sebastian Cox, Marcin Rusak, John Booth, Studio Swine, Giles Miller Studio, these are a few of the proficient aindividuals that made a lasting impression at the conference Emerging British Scene at Maison et Objet.

pierre charpin

Source: Maison et Objet (Instagram)

Designer of the Year, Pierre Charpin received the award at the event for his outstanding and original designs, such as the Slice Chair and the Turno Subito.

Coveted Magazine

Obviously, Coveted Magazine was present at M&O distributing our latest issue which includes a wide variety of matters, from the best hotels and restaurants to exclusive interviews with well-established designers. Overall, our participation at the event was a success and we keep on growing and learning more every day and loving every moment of this fantastic world.

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