Laufen reveals the innovative “Water” space at Casa Decor 2020

Laufen reveals the innovative “Water” space at Casa Decor 2020

March 11, 2020



CovetED can’t get enough of  Casa Decor and we want to show you one of the best spaces around it, “Water“. Designed by SINMAS Studio and led by Mateo Climent and Sigrido Serra the area presents the New Classic collection of the Swiss firm Laufen (the collection was designed by the incredible and famous Marcel Wanders) on high-end bathrooms. You can see it exclusively in Spain at Casa Decor Madrid 2020 until April 19 in the historic building, Velázquez 21.


Laufen reveals the "Water" space at Casa Decor 2020© Decoesfera


Making part of the collection, you can count with bathroom furniture, a bathtub, toilet, mirrors, shower, washbasin taps and accessories (made with the “Saphirkeramik material”). Taking into account the importance of sustainability in this year’s edition, the purpose of this space is the return to the natural phase, being essential to enjoy life and the unequivocal value of water with the importance of it for our health, is important to create awareness with regard to this matter. The use of technology for energy and water-saving combined with the functionality and quality of the design makes the pure and relaxed environment, unique. The main role belongs to water.


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Laufen reveals the "Water" space at Casa Decor 2020© Decoesfera


Marcel Wanders is the main responsible for the creation “New Classic”. The project is characterized by the soft, pure, elegant and delicate curves that are present in the petals of a flower along with angular elements. Laufen, admiring the Dutch designer work, commissioned Marcel so that he could create his latest collection, alongside the extravagant style and the original use of ideas and technology that is characteristic of him.


Laufen reveals the "Water" space at Casa Decor 2020© Decoesfera


It’s impossible to not be inspired by the natural, simple and beautiful looks of this space! Working with the best materials like pieces of furniture from Viccarbe, carpets of the Montecolino, Jannelli & Volpi paper coverings, technical lighting from Arkos Light, the signature lamps of Marcel Wanders, rooms painted in monochrome in cashmere finish of Valentine: green and white, etc. the success of this space is definitely guaranteed! CovetED really enjoyed it and we hope you could be inspired by it!



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