Kelly Wearstler’s Interiors – Stefani & Rossdale’s Home for Sale


Kelly Wearstler’s Interiors – Stefani & Rossdale’s Home for Sale

October 28, 2016

Six months after their divorce, the musicians, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have listed their mansion in Beverly Hills for $35 Million, on Mulholland Drive. The interiors of the house were designed by the fearless Kelly Wearstler, featuring her trademark of colourful interiors. Instead of focusing on the negative, Coveted will showcase the flamboyant and glamourous interiors.


Stefani and Rossdale had bought this mesmerizing home back in 2006 which then cost around $13.25 million. The interiors of the house are of a very vivacious nature being composed of lively and bold colours courtesy of Wearstler.

Let’s take a look at some of the most dazzling pieces and designs within the house:






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Black and white are constantly aligned with brighter colors giving it a very Hollywood feel and contrast. There is also various forms and shapes of stripes which enliven the property, as well as the marble floor. Overall, it has a very artistic, curated and luxurious ambiance to the yet so comfortable.

The contemporary residence has a diverse range of amenities worthy of gaining hotel status. The house measures 11.845 square feet and has seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and a guesthouse. The house was also composed of a tennis court, a dining and living room area with a fireplace, a playground for their three kids to play around with their friends, a gym, a swimming pool, a large patio with a wet bar, and you will not believe the next one, but yes, they also have a chicken coop. The end result is simply amazing.

The house is currently for sale at a price of $35 million. Out of curiosity, this Beverly Hills palace used to be owned by Jennifer Lopez in which she lived until 2004.

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