Inspirations Precious from Maison&Objet


Inspirations Precious from Maison&Objet

September 8, 2015

As today is the last day of MAISON&OBJET, CovetED would like to tell our readers tell more about the topic of the trade fair this year in Paris.

As it is well-known, each season, the MAISON&OBJET Observatoire de la Maison decodes our times and analyzes new consumption behaviors to define a theme explored in the Inspirations book and staged at the show. The MAISON&OBJET was focused on PRECIOUS theme, by discovering the new Inspirations forum. Thus, precious and preciousness were expressed in many ways: cut stones and their mysterious settings, raw materials rendered more beautiful still by the genius of man. In art, precious entails a character of great delicacy, brilliance, even wealth. It is often linked to gold, mirrors and ornaments.


However, preciousness does not hold the same value for everyone. From somewhat trivial affectation to the very essence of life, preciousness inspires dialogue between excessive materiality and the most extreme fragility.


There is no doubt that precious is no doubt the headline of the season this time.


If to be precise,the members of the Observatoire de la Maison elaborate on the theme of the precious for the first month in autumn. Their thinking explores five contemporary expressions of the sublime, from hyper-materiality to extreme fragility.  The Observatoire de la Maison has fulfilled its ritual mission of picking out influences and this season is celebrating the theme of Precious. Or how artists, designers and other craftsmen are re-inventing the codes of luxury and rarity.


The new theme unfolds at the heart of a new type of itinerary staged by Vasken Yeghiayan. He has brought the Inspirations space together in a larger form, with a pop-up bookstore for an inspirational break imagined by Vincent Grégoire/NellyRodi and conference space to deepen your knowledge.


All in all, it was really fantastic topic at this international trade fair this year in terms of everything. Don’t you think

so? What’s Your Point of View?

Source – Maison&Objet