Inkless Pen writes forever in Style: By FOREVER PININFARINA AERO

Inkless Pen writes forever in Style: By FOREVER PININFARINA AERO

November 23, 2016

Forever Pininfarina AERO 2Forever Pininfarina AERO is the pen that achieved eternity. An original product that came out from a collaboration between Pininfarina and Napkin. Revolutionary designed this pen was inspired by the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. The technical and stylistic details of the pen make us wonder if this pen really achieved perfection. This product is 100% Made in Italy and is inkless, no need of a refill. This limitless writing instrument has a tip in ethergraph (patented metal alloy) and an aerospace aluminum shell. The package is made of concrete and the total weight is 300 gr. The interior of the body in blue adds a touch of elegance that makes this object as beautiful as useful.

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Forever Pininfarina AERO 6


“The concept of eternity has always inspired our creativity, our dream is to create timeless beauty AERO was born to give life to eternity. In the lines, elegant and essential, evoking its silhouette. In the function that, thanks to the tip in Ethergraf, allows to write limitless.”, affirmed Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group Pininfarina.

Forever Pininfarina AERO 5

Forever Pininfarina AERO it looks forged by the wind. The eternity takes shape with a unique and charming style of Forever Pininfarina AERO. This pen is forged by a twisting force, to gift lines evoking the symbol of eternity. To produce this wonderful pen was needed  master artisans as well as an extraordinary combination of design and technology, not only advanced tools of precision mechanics but hand-crafted production.

Forever Pininfarina AERO 1

Perhaps the most stylish Pen of the world, this instrument conceived and produced by NAPKIN allowed this company to put several artisans working together: Crea Cemento, from Brescia, were the authors of the ‘sculpture’ in concrete sustaining the stylus, Nuovi Gioielli, from Vicenza, were the artists who composed the blend of the tip while Mecom, from Brescia, were the manufacturers of the mold, all companies are from Italy what makes the Forever Pininfarina AERO symbol of the Made in Italy style in the world.

Forever Pininfarina AERO 4

“AERO is a timeless object, that from one hand takes inspiration from the future giving a revolutionary interpretation and on the other presents elements evoking the history and the Italian genius. AERO is able to stimulate the creativity of those who love beauty”. Davide Fabi, one of the founders of NAPKIN.

Forever Pininfarina Cambiano was the first collaboration between Napkin and Pininfarina,was in 2014 that Cambiano pen succeeded in the market with 60.000 units sold around the world. The writing instrument won “Le Stylographe” as the 2014 best and most innovative writing tool. So they know very well what they are doing and we can expect the impossible with Forever Pininfarina AERO.

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