GUS+AL x Jeff Koons Collaboration


GUS+AL x Jeff Koons Collaboration

October 7, 2015

The artistic work of Jeff Koons covers an incredible variety of specialties and crafts, with a portfolio of dozens of pieces strong which is nearly turning 30 years old. Despite his notorious sculptural pieces, which have almost become a synonym to his name, his work covers a wide range of installations which explore all sorts of materials and techniques, as well as collages, paintings and drawings, and as of recently, jewellery.



The world renown artist first stepped into the jewellery world when he designed a necklace pendant and charm bracelet in collaboration with Stella McCartney in 2005. His most recent jewellery work sees him collaborate with GUS + AL, a US boutique jewellery label founded by his wife Justine Koons and her associate Alison Brookaw.


Both Justine and Alison come from creative backgrounds and environments, both in the art and fashion worlds. With a modern outlook on their designs and concept, where the pair seek to incorporate values such as positivity and thankfulness into their work. Moreover, their pieces feature simple lines and materials, which seamlessly compliment a modern cosmopolitan lifestyle, and find meaningfulness in their values and traits, no matter what style or age.



Their collection’s European debut took place at Colette, one of Paris’ most iconic concept stores. Located in the heart of the city, on 213 Rue Saint Honoré, Colette is a must for anyone looking for quality music, fashion, gadgets and hi-tech products, as well as a ridiculous amount of incredible designer items. With an agenda packed full of special events, such as the launch of the apple watch in late September which was inspected by Jony Ive himself, Colette continues to grow it’s reputation as Paris’ main design shop. Amazingly, their café also serves over 30 varieties of water. With both Alison making an appearance alongside Justine and Jeff, Colette’s second floor packed fairly quickly to receive the designer and his collaborators work.


Despite the heavy rain and gloomy weather, the inauguration brought together some of Paris’ most well known artists, such as Viktor Musi, who all came to meet the American creative and to see his work. Similar to his recognised rabbit design, used in his previous jewellery collaboration, Jeff took GUS + AL’s simplicity and character, adapting it to a re-visited necklace and bracelet.