Design House with Oitoemponto


Design House with Oitoemponto

September 15, 2015

Our luxury magazine CovetED would like to get you acquainted with a Portuguese architecture and interior design firm Oitoemponto. In Portuguese Oitoemponto means “eight o’clock precisely”. This agency is based in Porto, Portugal. Artur Miranda was working for a long in a fashion industry before the agency Oitoemponto appeared in 1993. At the same time Jacques Bec was studying at the Met de Penninghen graphic arts school in Paris. He joined the firm and brought to the duo a refreshing enthusiasm and the French touch.



The two founders of the OITOEMPONTO Agency Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec assure that nowadays people work more at home, so the company increasingly perform in private offices interiors. They create real places of life where their customers set their appointments and feel extremely comfortable.


Based on these observations, both designers imagined the office of a woman trader whose eyes are perpetually fixed on the flow of the stock exchange. They dedicated to her a desk in the finest of woods, concealing video screens in surface mirrors. This unique piece emanates a retro-futurist luxury highlighted by, the Paco Rabanne 70s armchairs facing the desk, the 1950s Atom console on the side of the room or a painting by Robert Rauschenberg on the wall.


The atmosphere is cosy, the technology knows how to make itself discrete: the leather sheathed slat blinds fold depending on the luminosity ouside. Note that this hybrid office is also a powder-room table, one of the drawers is dedicated to make-up and the screens, once turned-off, become mirrors. Long live the woman trader of the XXIst century!



Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec create sublime design projects for dozens of lucky people. Each production is the fruit of long hours of coordination during which the lifestyle of the client is examined in minute detail in order to create an optimum match for their needs and wishes.


Besides, the duo developed sophisticated interior fittings or commercial environments combining bright tones and dull colors, timeless furniture. Plenty of houses and villas in Europe as well as in Africa or Brazil are the results of their hard work, imagination and dedication to their work.


Overall, CovetED suggests you to have a look at the design projects of this agency and find out more about its creative works.