Christian Liaigre: “People Need Beauty”

Christian Liaigre furniture

Christian Liaigre: “People Need Beauty”

December 17, 2015

They say never to judge a book by its cover. This very well might be true, when the name on the cover of the book is not Liaigre. He needs no formal introduction, but for the sake of this article, we will share with you a bit about this internationally renowned French interior designer, responsible for the design of homes for the likes of Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, and Rupert Murdoch.CovetED Magazine Christian Liaigre People Need Beauty pinterest

Christian Liaigre has been in the design spotlight for the past 25 years, working closely on international projects together with his wife and business partner Deborah Comte-Liaigre. In 1985 he opened his first studio in Paris, followed two years later by his showroom in Rue de Varenne, one of many locations around the world and where the main office is still based.

The Liaigre style has always been characterized as refined and sophisticated due to its attentiveness to light and space. One of the trademarks of the French designer’s style is the use of materials that embody the project’s local culture, crafts, and traditions.CovetED Magazine Christian Liaigre People Need Beauty rosedale

In one of the many interviews given by Liaigre he stated that his favorite material to work with is wood: “Wood remains our foremost preferred material. It is a great tool to work with; it can be tinted, wire brushed, sandblasted, varnished. It leaves room for creativity and plays an important role in the development of our palette of materials and colors.”

This year, simultaneous to the opening of a new Liaigre showroom in the posh Mayfair neighborhood in London, a special book was released which celebrates Liaigre’s brilliant work: Liaigre 12 Projects ($135). The book features a dozen of Liaigre’s most recent lavish creations – imagine a chic New York City penthouse, a secluded chalet in St. Moritz, and a beachfront property in St. Barths. Each space selected for this stunning book captures Liaigre’s cosmopolitan aesthetic and incredible attention to fine detail.CovetED Magazine Christian Liaigre People Need Beauty


In a recent interview with Liaigre’s wife Deborah, she noted: “This book is particularly special because we are presenting two sailing yachts that have received several Showboats Design Awards. Christian has a love for yachts and we recently expanded our offerings at the studio design by specializing in a dedicated section for yachting.”CovetED Magazine Christian Liaigre People Need Beauty book

A term often repeated when referring to Christian Liaigre’s designs is an affinity for artisanal work, which is undeniably one of the great designer’s characteristics. The book Liaigre 12 Projects shows his artisanal interest, and his keenness for details, spaces, and the use of light: “We give great importance to light; it is a source of well-being and healing. Many of our projects have very modern architecture with large openings—it is the starting point of our decor”.


“For Liaigre, comfort resides in delicacy and rareness. Featuring private and public spaces from Nantucket to Malibu, from Athens to Korea, and from the Caribbean to London, this book takes the reader inside his rarefied world to reveal his signature style.”CovetED Magazine Christian Liaigre People Need Beauty pictures

Throughout the book’s pages the distinctness of each of his projects can clearly be seen. A common denominator is reflected by his style; however each gains a unique personality. Whether it is a yacht, a home, or a luxury apartment Liaigre makes sure that his style combines with that of the inhabitants of the space, as well as the surroundings.