An Introspective Look at the Awe-Inspiring Paris DECO OFF 2017

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An Introspective Look at the Awe-Inspiring Paris DECO OFF 2017

January 23, 2017

Aside from the biggest lifestyle, decoration and design event, Maison et Objet, the City of Light and the ultimate source of inspiration for every designer and creative mind, Paris is also hosting another prestigious route of artistic forms, Paris Deco OFF 2017. The event has started on the 19th of January and is set to be concluded today, so as a result, this article merely serve as a sort of development synthesis on how everything is going as well as an appreciation for a few of the most renowned brands that are showcasing at the liberating event.


Source: Paris Deco Off (Facebook)

In a celebration of design for the seventh consecutive year, Paris Deco Off 2017 becomes an event specificied for the general public and a sort of rendez-vous amongst worldwide interior designers and decoration editors, basically meaning it is also a reference point for all of those who love the craft and industry of design and decoration. Deco OFF is going to feature a wide range of showrooms from international designers and brands, such as Christian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren, Aldeco, Dedar, among countless others. Take a look at some of them and their astonishing designs which vary from fabrics to home accessories and to pieces of furniture.

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Source: Aldeco (Facebook)

The ingenious Portuguese brand, Aldeco speacilises in high-end interior fabrics and they are mostly inspired by the world’s heritage and cultures. Their striking collection are made with a timeless and innovating purpose that is always up to date with the latest trends in either fashion or design, they also produce their products having in mind quality, elegance, and functionality.

Bruno Moinard

bruno moinard editions

Source: Bruno Moinard Editions (Facebook)

His pieces represent his allure towards the sea and the alabaster coast and always display luminous features, strong clean lines, transparency and essence. Beginning his career in 1980, Bruno Moinard has developed numerous collaborations with distinguished brands, especially with Ecart International.



Source: Casamance (Facebook)

Since 2000, The French brand conceives pieces with a certain type of luxury that follows a timeless artistic criteria full of emotions and uniqueness.

Christian Lacroix

Christian LaCroix

Lacroix’s style is best described for being exceptional, colourful, glamorous and baroque. In every creation, he brings in a sense of freshness and fashion which englobe a modern and international approach to design. In the end, the designer has giving luxurious and enriching developments for 25 years to the Couture House.


dedar paris deco off 2017

Starting off as a small design business, Dedar was founded in 1976 by Nicola Fabrizio. Now, the brand is an international group that is constantly expending, counting with 100 collaborates. Their purpose takes form in showcasing elegant, expressive, experimental and passionate designs.

Designers Guild

Designers Guild paris deco off 2017

Source: Designers Guild

The Luxury lifestyle brand was founded by creative director Tricia Guild and it develops the most eye-catching fabrics and wallpapers as well as furniture and accessories.

Gastón y Daniela

telas-3-t paris deco off 2017

Source: Pinterest

Producing collections of decoration textiles, the dynamic duo designs piece with high-end quality keeping a close eye to the latest trends and technological innovations while following the basic laws of design. They are driven professionals that pay close attention to detail and always thinking forward.


hermes paris deco off 2017

Source: Tempo de Delicadeza

Hermès was originated back in 1837. Nowadays, the High fashion and luxury brand focuses on creating glamorous leathery pieces, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, jewellery, among many other things. Unveiling their first collection of wallpapers and furnishing fabrics, the brand has drawn inspiration from lively themes, such as travelling and fantasy.


kravet paris deco off 2017

Source: Tempo de Delicadeza

Established in 1918, Kravet focuses on designing home furnishings, from fabrics to accessories, to furniture and carpets. The Brand has become a global leader led by innovation and desire to rise all over the world.


lelievre paris deco off 2017

Source: Paris Deco Off (Facebook)

Lelièvre has produced an exceptional world of home accessories and fabrics.

Osborne & Little


Source: Tempo de Delicadeza

Osborne & Little has quickly become one of the most prestigious brands that produce fabric and wallpaper design following a standard of quality and innovation.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Source: Pinterest

Renowned for presenting quality products and creating his own exceptional and welcoming world of design, Ralph Lauren designs feature a balance between a timeless style and modern elements. His pieces are often inspired by the visual imagery that surrounds him, from the rustic beauty of the American West to the golden age of Hollywood glamour.

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This is just an introspective look at what is happening at the decoration event and some of the major brands that are exhibiting. DECO OFF is bound to end today but one thing is certain, as time goes by, design gains more and more notoriety and prestige due to this magnificent sources of inspiration that happen all around the globe.

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