Ladurée: interior of the French patisserie by Studio Jacques Garcia

Ladurée: interior of the French patisserie by Studio Jacques Garcia

December 12, 2014

Jacques Garcia is a French architect, interior designer and garden designer, best known for his contemporary interiors of Paris hotels and restaurants.  This unrivaled specialist of spectacular interiors became famous after rethinking Napoléon III opulent style, in Hôtel Costes, in Paris, and the 18th-century tea house for Ladurée, on the Champs Elysées, a decade ago. Jacques Garcia conceived each design as a reference to the history. The details in his designs flow with elegance, strong use of colour, theatrical perspectives. He makes use of precious tapestry of materials and furnishings, sensuous fabrics, XIXth century engravings, Viollet Le Duc chandeliers, mosaics, beautiful hand-painted doors, black granite for the floor. Laduree_interior_of_the_French_patisserie_by _Studio_Jacques_Garcia_1

Today Ladurée is more than just a tea shop and macaroons. It is a desirable environment that unites customers from all over the world. It is created from historical inspiration and feminine styles that inspired the decorative arts of their times: Madame de Pompadour in the 18th century, Empress Eugenia in the Second Empire and Madeleine Castaing at the beginning of the 20th century. Laduree_interior_of_the_French_patisserie_by _Studio_Jacques_Garcia_5Jacques Garcia is mixing 17th- and 18th-century influences with contemporary style, creating a timeless interpretation of French elegance. “Real French taste is what? It’s Louis XIV, it’s Mme. de Pompadour, it’s Marie Antoinette, it’s Napoleon and Josephine and it’s the Third and Fourth Republics, Marie-Laure de Noailles, Coco Chanel. That’s France. They’re all too much. And I’m with them.” ~ Jacques GarciaLaduree_interior_of_the_French_patisserie_by _Studio_Jacques_Garcia_4 Laduree_interior_of_the_French_patisserie_by _Studio_Jacques_Garcia_3

Coveted hopes that you adored this place. See you in Paris in Laduree.

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