Interview with Jean-Philippe Nuel

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Interview with Jean-Philippe Nuel

September 1, 2015

Born in the east of France, designer Jean-Philippe Nuel has given his name to a succession of original projects. The first Baccarat hotel in Dubai, the Taj Hotel in India, Le Grand Balcon and the conversion of the Palais de Justice in Nantes are some of the most remarkable ones. Curious, passionate and perfectionist, Nuel shared with Coveted Edition his passion for luxury hotels and how design is present in his daily life.


COVETED : What has inspired you to grow, personally and professionally?

Jean-Philippe Nuel : Approaching my dreams !

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How would you describe your style? Do you have a signature touch on your projects?

I have a contemporary vision of design, I do not like an excessive interior design style and a too lavish decoration. As for literary where each word has its right place, I like to give meaning and depth to my projects.


Where do you draw your inspiration from when you are thinking about the design of a hotel?

My main inspiration comes from the location of the project: the country, the region, the city, the district and the architecture of the building are all important for me.

Of course all those criteria are not always mixed altogether or mixed at the same level, but in a general way, I can say that I am always inspired by the place.

I also like to be inspired by the client, whether it is a brand identity or the personality of a private client.

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Why are hotel projects so exciting for you?

Hotel projects are considered as the Holy Grail for interior designers. Hotel projects are the best opportunity to build a complete world.

For me a hotel is a place which concentrates all the needs of our society: a place to work, a place to live and rest. Hotels are places that display the best our society’s changes.

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Is there anything exciting, that you are working on at the moment, and you can tell us about? Any new projects?

Hotel projects are always very interesting, especially when the country or the city and even the continent are different from my own culture.

I am very curious and fortunately I have achieved several projects in architecture, furniture design and lighting design.

I have just designed a restaurant chain and I am currently designing the interior design of several office buildings which are very interesting projects as the world is facing a complete transformation.

I have also designed several interior design projects for arenas: Parc des Princes and Stade de France in Paris.

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Can you tell us about one of your favorite projects that you have developed?

«Le 5 Codet» is amongst my favorite projects. It is a private hotel in Paris with around 70 guestrooms where I had a truthful partnership with the client to create a place that really seems achieved to me and that reveals my own personality.



What do you love in a deluxe hotel room?

I like to be surprised, but not being inconvenienced. I like the idea of appropriating the room, the possibility of several scenarios and ways of living, without being locked in a forced scheme.

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What do you hate in a deluxe hotel room?

I don’ like fake, kitsch and showy luxury, I also don’t like lies and mediocrity.


Which professionals do you admire, in the architecture and design world?

Being an interior designer is a difficult job where only the ones who have something to say are successful. I really admire those who have a constituent universe.


Describe yourself in three words.

Curious. Passionate. Perfectionist.