The Incredible Design of Milan’s Top Interior Designers

The Incredible Design of Milan’s Top Interior Designers

July 14, 2019
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Italy is always a reference for luxury design and excellence in interior decoration. We’ve been inspired by Italian design for centuries, being the consistent focus of every design and architecture lover. Since the interior design industry is so competitive, every design professional aspires to be groundbreaking and bolder than the others, thus leaving their signature in the design world and be considered one of the best. CovetED has chosen the top interior designers based in Milan, so you too can feel inspired!


Antonio Citterio



Antonio Citterio is an Italian designer mostly known for his collaborations with prestige Italian brands, among them B&B Italia. He’s made several collections for the brand, most notably the Maxalto collection which was enrichened last year with some more elegant chairs, and seating systems, featuring new range extensions and new finishes. Citterio was one of the designers who collaborated with Consentini with the project “Deep Words Light”, an installation featured at the University of Milan as part of the “Interni, Energy for Creativity 2015” event.




Dimore Studio


The Incredible Design of Milan’s Top Interior Designers

Credits: Dimore Studio


Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran invested in the fields of Design, Art and Fashion, and founded Dimore Studio in 2003. This duo of contemporary designers carried out every project with their own unique signature style: pieces created by historical design master artisans merged with domestic materials and other modified objects to forge a singular atmosphere. Dimore Studio interprets memories and creates dreams, crossing the boundaries between art and design, fashion and architecture.


Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

The Incredible Design of Milan’s Top Interior Designers

Credits: Ludovica+Roberto Palomba


Ludovica and Roberto Palomba are often referred to as “the golden couple of Italian design” and with a career such as theirs, it’s no wonder. After setting their own studio in Milan in 1994 their career has been through several stages, among them architectural planning, interior design, and partnerships as product designers and art directors. Their partnerships with Foscarini and Poltrona Frau are some of the highlights of their career, which has counted with prestige awards such as the Compasso D’Oro, the Red Dot Award, the Design Plus Award, as well as the Product Innovation Award. When they’re taking on a new project, they aim to search for essence above all. They take a lot of inspiration from the concept of the balance of oriental heritage, as well as a little touch from the Nordic style, always striving to acquire an aesthetic result mixed with a space that allows for the well-being of clients.


Patricia Urquiola

The Incredible Design of Milan’s Top Interior Designers

Credits: Patricia Urquiola


Patricia Urquiola was born in Oviedo and currently lives in Milan. Between 1990 and 1996 she worked for the development office of new products of “De Padova” and signed with Vico Magistretti the following products: “Flower”, “Loom sofa”, “Chaise” and “Chaise Longue”. Patricia won many design awards, such as Antares-Flos, Artelano, Boffi, Cappellini, Cassina, Kartell and has been an active collaborator for brands such as B&B, Bosa, De Vecchi, Fasem, Kartell, Liv’it, MDF Italy, Molteni & C., Moroso, and Tronconi. She’s a top contemporary designer who currently conducts her professional career at her own craftsmanship studio in Milan in the fields of design, exhibitions, art direction and architecture.




Piero Lissoni

The Incredible Design of Milan’s Top Interior Designers

Credits: Piero Lissoni


Piero Lissoni, currently known as one of the top interior designers in Italy, is quite well known for his contemporary furniture design. After opening the studio Lissoni Associati in 1986 alongside Nicoletta Canesi, he was also recognized for being a collaborator with several famous brands, among them Porro. A great distinctive feature of this creature is the graphical linearity present in his products– verging on the essentiality – which allows his products to naturally fit for both minimal contexts and creative spaces.


Rossana Orlandi

The Incredible Design of Milan’s Top Interior Designers

Credits: Rossana Orlandi


Born in 1943 and raised in the town of Cassano Magnago, about 25 miles northwest of Milan, Rossana Orlandi had an education that was simple and quiet. With 20 years of experience in fashion, in 2002 she decided to transfer her passion for design as a private collector into an innovative gallery, a platform where she could showcase her personal idea of design and lifestyle. She has been working as a curator for several exhibitions in Italy and abroad, having the chance to collaborate with high-end brands in fashion, luxury, and lifestyle. Very quickly, Orlandi gained a reputation for selecting works by young and unsung artists and designers, as well as for working with (then) rising stars like Tom Dixon, Marcel Wanders, and Studio Job.


Studio Peregalli

The Incredible Design of Milan’s Top Interior Designers

Credits: Studio Peregalli


Studio Peregalli consists of a design company made by a famous duo of top interior designers. Roberto Peregalli Peregalli and Laura Sartori Rimini are the creative geniuses behind the success of the Studio Peregalli. Both of them have worked under the tutelage of the legendary Italian decorator Renzo Mongiardino until his death in 1998. This pair’s design work consists of a reinterpretation of classical Italian design forms, adapting them towards the future. One of the most impactful works they tackled was redecorating an amazing apartment in the heart of Milan, which was coincidentally the home of their former master.


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